Top 15 Best Kissasians Alternatives In 2023

Best Kissasians Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Internet-based market Customers can access a reputable streaming site known for its top-notch Asian dramas and plays by using Although some network issues exist and not all Asian dramas are accessible, this website can give visitors access to a wide variety of content.

Users may also have the option to search for content by genre or country, providing them access to a sizable collection of international movies and TV episodes. On, you can also watch acclaimed films and TV episodes from a number of Asian countries in a range of genres and languages. Users can stream material from anywhere and download videos for offline viewing using mobile applications that are available.


  • Post fresh episode updates
  • A user interface that is easy to utilize
  • The subtitles are in many languages.
  • Streams are popular
  • Asian dramas and movies are available to view in high definition.


  • Asian-themed diversity superior streaming
  • Favorable user experience
  • Regular episode updates
  • Subtitles in multiple languages


  • Ads might cause issues.
  • Recurring server failures
  • Content restrictions based on location

Top 15 Best Kissasians Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Kissasians Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Watchasian


The Watchasian app allows you to stream free full-HD Asian movies, TV shows, and dramas with English subtitles. You may also watch free new Asian dramas with subtitles in Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Thai. The entertainment category is the main one for this application. Asian dramas, films, and television The Watchasian Channel offers dramas in Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Thai, and English with English subtitles. Additionally, it provides free online access to Korean and Japanese dramas.

2. OnDramaNice


OnDramanice allows users to watch Asian dramas and movies that have been released in a variety of languages, such as Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, Chinese, etc., with English subtitles. Even the most recent novels and movies are frequently added to the portal for its clients, who are spread out all over the world. The ability to enjoy dramas and movies in a range of genres, including action, comedy, science fiction, sensual thrillers, romantic, adventure, fantasy, family, and much more, is another feature of OnDramaNice. Cherry, Cupid’s Last Wish, Juvenile Justice, and others are some of their most well-liked series. Also check GoGoAnime

3. HanCinema


HanCinema is an online store that would give customers access to a Korean movie and drama database. This would enable users to search rapidly using different criteria, such as movies, directors, dramas, and actors, as well as find pertinent details and connections about Korean entertainment. Every new editorial, review, article, etc. can be instantly notified to users. HanCinema may become the sole English-language website dedicated to Korean cinema thanks to the database’s availability to hundreds of thousands of bits of content.

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4. NewAsianTV


On NewasianTv, users can view and download a large choice of videos, including dramas, movies, and a variety of other types. The portal is open to everyone, and viewers can watch movies and TV episodes in many different regional categories, including Thai, Philippine, Chinese, Taiwanese, and many more. The NewAsianTV offers thousands of movies to its viewers. Their previous searches suggest there is no way to pick the best option out of them, which may also imply.

5. DramaGo


On the torrent-based website DramaGo, almost any kind of material can be posted as pirated content. Since anyone can select from the movie groupings, he can quickly import his favorite movies. The unique domain name must be provided by those who want to watch movies online. DramaGo is a pirate website that also gives its users access to a big collection of Korean movies. They can easily watch and stream films from the extensive library, which contains both contemporary and vintage titles. This is another Kissasians Alternatives.

6. Kshow123


A website called Kshow123 provides its users with rapid, high-quality streams of Asian dramas, films, and TV shows with English subtitles. The major carriers even distribute all of the dramas or films in 720p or 1080p HD, with millions of episodes in the majority of drama boxsets. Kshow123 additionally provides the most latest surfing because of consistent content updates and affordable cost. After subscribing, the user can obtain a real-time alert once it uploads.

7. Viu


The most recent and well-liked Korean dramas can be viewed on Viu, an online streaming service that launched in 2015. Users of this platform can access the Google Play Store & the Apple AppStore right away to download apps. In addition to providing dramas, movies, and variety shows to Korea, Viu expands its content sources to many other countries including Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. A contract in place grants the platform access to the majority of the content. This is another Kissasians Alternatives. Also check Animedao

8. KBS World TV

KBS World TV

Launched on July 1, 2003, KBS World TV is a paid television station administered by Korea’s broadcasting system. Its goal is to entertain overseas audiences outside of South Korea. Although the majority of the broadcast content on this site is in Korean, English, Chinese, Malay, and other languages are all available as subtitles. Additionally, customers are no longer troubled by graphic issues because nearly all streaming content is available in high definition. Several services are run by the KBS’s subsidiaries, including the Japanese.

9. MyAsianTV


Viewers can search for Korean dramas with English subtitles on the website MyAsianTV while watching. On the site, which is essentially available everywhere in the world, one may even watch Korean drama. It is substantially quicker and more appropriate than other options in terms of the material streaming and downloading. MyAsianTV is the fastest-growing online market that didn’t demand registration. Under many different conditions, the user flow and content index are both good.

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10. AsianCrush


AsianCrush is a well-known streaming service that specializes in Asian movies, TV shows, online videos, and much more. On this channel, you may find a wide range of genres, including Asian horror, martial arts, sci-fi, Korean thrillers, anime, Asian action, and many more. Because AsianCrush is only accessible in North America, users outside of that region cannot directly access its streaming service and must instead use the un-locator to get its content. This is another Kissasians Alternatives.

11. Kocowa


A one-stop shop for all customers, Kocowa is a streaming service that provides K-pop and K-drama material with multilingual subtitles. With the use of this platform, viewers may easily access the entertainment content produced by Seoul Broadcasting and based on the Korean network. Customers may watch a variety of shows every day of the week on Kocowa because it is available on mobile devices and the web without any advertisements or subscription fees.

12. Toggle


Customers can get free access to regional on-demand dramas, news, entertainment, LIVE programming, sports, and much more through a Media-corps company named Toggle, which is currently known as the MeWatch. Prime is a specific type of membership plan on this site that provides customers precedence and enables them to see the newest shows a few days before users with free accounts. Toggle gives its users ad-free access to on-demand videos in addition to giving them infinite access to the content they choose to download for offline watching. This is another Kissasians Alternatives.

13. iFlix


Users can instantly watch their preferred movies and TV shows on the cutting-edge streaming service iFlix. Anyone who wants to access the most recent information right away can benefit from the diversity of digital solutions that this platform can offer. Users can still download any video to their devices and continue streaming online even if their internet connection is down. Despite the fact that some of the iFlix video is not in high resolution, it may stream without any problems. This is another Kissasians Alternatives.

14. KissAsian


Anyone may easily watch Asian dramas using the website KissAsian without having to complete any forms, giving him access to the greatest Asian drama streaming services. The website provides access to the multiple latest and top-notch Asian drama series online. KissAsian’s user-friendly interface and exceptional adaptability allow for on-the-go drama viewing. Users can view a variety of genres of Asian movies with English dubs or subtitles.

15. OnDemandKorea


OnDemandKorea, a 100% legal service provider, offers users access to the newest and most popular Korean-based material, including dramas, a variety of programs, movies, and much more. All of the programs that are accessible on this platform are even updated a few hours after their Korean release in order to keep users up to date with the most recent programming advancements. OnDemandKorea subscribers have free access to all programming, with the exception of some Plus, Pay-Per-View, and Premium categories. Users can sign in quickly.

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