Top 10 Best OneNote Alternatives for Windows 10 – 2024

One cannot overstate the advantages of taking notes. For instance, making notes during a meeting at work can aid in your memory of all the topics covered. You and your team can use these notes as a reference. The days of taking notes by hand are long gone. People frequently utilise note-taking programmes to take notes in this digital age, and OneNote is frequently cited as one of the best options. This essay is for you, though, whether you’re looking for a OneNote replacement or aren’t a huge OneNote user.

Why Do You Need a Windows 10 OneNote Alternative?

Even though Microsoft OneNote is a well-known and often used note-taking programme, not everyone has access to it. However, the OneNote app isn’t intuitive for new users. Additionally, a Microsoft account is required in order to sync data between devices.

Additionally, this OneNote just takes up a lot of room and resources. If you want to try out another app due of this or for any other reason, you have come to the right post.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top 10 software programmes that are similar to Microsoft OneNote but can be used instead of it.

Best OneNote Alternatives for 2024

1. Evernote

Evernote is first on our list of the top OneNote substitutes. The best Microsoft OneNote replacement is most likely this OneNote substitute. Without having to recreate it for years, you may organise your content using Evernote.

Additionally, Evernote’s ability to organise notes into separate notebooks is incredible. You can intelligently create a tonne of notebooks using this software, similar to OneNote, and manage numerous notes in one location with ease. Additionally, Evernote makes it simple to collaborate and share notes with friends, coworkers, and anyone else. Currently, is not only the best OneNote substitute but also the best universal note-taking programme.

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2. Simplenote

Simplenote is a straightforward software for taking notes, as its name suggests. This free OneNote substitute has a simple user interface and an incredible note-taking feature. Additionally, cross-device syncing is faultless. You can make a to-do list, a reminder, notes, and more with Simplenote, which is the best free OneNote alternative. It is easy to use, unlike Microsoft OneNote, and even has a dark mode.

The major benefit of Simplenote over Microsoft OneNote is that it allows you to brainstorm ideas and uses few system resources.

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Additionally, Simplenote allows you to tag notes, making note organising simple. Last but not least, this free Linux-compatible OneNote substitute for Windows is one of a select few programmes.

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3. Notion

Despite being a new note-taking app, it has established a strong presence. Similar to OneNote, this user-friendly programme facilitates project creation, team member allocation, the addition of a variety of documents, etc. Additionally, just like OneNote, this multipurpose programme makes taking notes really simple. Tags can be used to organise notes as well. Notion also provides list items, team collaboration, checklists, note history, and more.

I find the ‘/’ command tool to be quite helpful because it makes it simple to add things like tables, calendars, headings, and subheadings. Additionally, you can add anything to flexible notes, which helps to improve internal connectivity.

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4. Laverna

Use Laverna, the end-to-end encrypted privacy-focused note-taking app, to help keep your data safe from prying eyes and shady private companies. Although a free alternative to Microsoft OneNote, it is effective and safe. You can effortlessly make text-based notes with this free OneNote substitute and sync them across devices.

Laverna, a free alternative to OneNote, has gained popularity despite not being as sophisticated as OneNote because of outstanding features like markdown editing, which is not available in OneNote. This allows you to quickly alter text while viewing a live preview, making formatting changes simple. Also noteworthy are the following:

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5. CintaNotes


This top OneNote alternative for Windows, created especially for Windows users, makes it easy to take notes anywhere and organises them automatically. You may copy text from any application and add files and images to notes using CintaNotes. Additionally, this Microsoft OneNote substitute enables device synchronisation of data simple. Additionally, you may perform a full-text search, use hierarchical tags to categorise notes, and store them in notebooks.

This OneNote substitute maintains a straightforward look and has all the features you would expect from a note-taking programme. It actually provides hourly, daily, and weekly backups for all the notes.

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6. Google Keep

Google Keep
One can never question the effectiveness of something endorsed by Google, which is why Google Keep is regarded as one of the top OneNote alternatives. Additionally, Google Keep shows notes in an innovative and captivating way. In addition, you can look inside notes without opening them. I find the color-coding option to be an advantage because it facilitates note classification.

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Additionally, Google Keep has an easy-to-use design and is compatible with other Google products. This implies that you can quickly convert emails to notes or make draughts inside notes. Additionally, Google Keep enables the creation of to-do lists, photo attachments, reminders, etc. Last but not least, Google Keep is the best OneNote substitute since it offers a web clipper similar to Microsoft OneNote.

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7. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook
Zoho Notebook is another robust free OneNote substitute that you may access from several platforms.
The offspring of Google Keep & Evernote, this best software like OneNote is easy to use. It allows you to quickly create a Notebook with covers, record voice and text notes, add photographs, and more. It features a web clipping tool and has color-coded notes, just like Google Keep.

Additionally, Zoho enables note syncing between devices. In contrast to Evernote, which has a limit of two devices for synchronisation, there is no device restriction with Zoho’s premier note-taking tool, a fantastic alternative to OneNote. This makes Zoho a versatile OneNote substitute that is worth a shot.

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8. Elephant

OneNote Alternatives
Elephant is a free alternative to OneNote that provides an Evernote-like organisational system. Additionally, creating individual notes and saving them allows for the creation of notebooks. Additionally, this OneNote substitute syncs data between devices and the cloud.

Additionally, third-party applications like Dropbox and others let you sync data.Additionally, Elephant’s sync  is not as seamless as OneNote’s when compared to OneNote, which is a drawback.

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9. Turtl


Turtl is an additional free OneNote substitute that emphasises privacy. Similar to OneNote, this programme offers a vault where users can store sensitive information like notes, passwords, bookmarks, photos, and documents. Data is encrypted using a cryptographic key obtained from the password entered when creating the account.

Additionally, the administration and sharing of notes within notebooks is one of Turtl’s best features.
It also permits the use of a board inside a board. It is undoubtedly not as authoritative as OneNote, but it is appropriate for individuals who seek privacy.

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10. Keep It

OneNote Alternatives
Keep It comes in last on our list of the top OneNote substitutes. suitable for both iOS and macOS OneNote substitute Keep It is a strong tool that makes creating and organising notes simple. Furthermore, it uses few system resources and doesn’t cause the gadget to overheat.

It also includes photos, bullets, checklists, and more. Additionally, you may quickly share and sync notes between devices by using iCloud.

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