Top 14 Best Prezi Alternatives In 2023

Best Prezi Alternatives will be described in this article. There is nothing more effective than a presentation to illustrate and clarify information for any kind of audience. Prezi is among the most widely used tools for creating presentations. There are several options for editable templates. You may create a dynamic presentation out of your current PowerPoint slides with Prezi. We have compiled a list of the top 14 Prezi substitutes in this post so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Top 14 Best Prezi Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Prezi Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Movavi Academic

Movavi Academic

Price: Movavi Academic Cost: Free trial available for 14 days. The annual cost of a personal license is $49.95.

Compatibility: macOS and Windows


  • Integrated content
  • Including interactive tests in
  • Cloud-based collaboration


  • Watermark trial

Use the Movavi Academic software to produce eye-catching video presentations. Because of the program’s ease of use, you can complete any project quickly. Make use of the music, backgrounds, and intros that are already included. Enhance your movies with callouts, titles, and stickers with a theme. Easily incorporate transitions between portions in your presentations. You can record your computer screen, highlight keyboard and mouse movements, and modify the recording with this tool. Right out of the software, save your work in any widely used file and upload them to the internet.

2. Keynote

prezi alternative

Price: No cost

Compatibility: iOS and macOS


  • Working with your team to create presentations
  • Preserving slide shows as PowerPoint files
  • Using an Apple Pencil to draw


  • Software is exclusively accessible to macOS users.

For macOS users, Keynote is a free substitute for Prezi. It works with Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Choose a presentation topic from over thirty options. Include charts, pictures, and more than 700 editable shapes. Include effects and transitions to liven up the slides. Incorporate audio and narration into your presentation. To add handwritten text or create illustrations, use the Apple Pencil.

Colleagues can work on the same presentation as you, or you can watch them present in real time. No matter where they are, any team member may keep working on the slides using a web browser on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or PC. Additionally, presentations can be kept on iCloud.

To make the presentations accessible to coworkers using PCs, save them as PowerPoint files. Keynote also allows you to import and edit PowerPoint documents.

3. SlideDog


Price: Offers a complimentary plan. The annual subscription plan is $99

Compatibility: Windows


  • Presentations via live streaming
  • Including viewer polls


  • Unable to function on Linux and macOS

Use the SlideDog program to create unique presentations. Your playlists can contain a combination of PDF, Prezi, and PowerPoint files. Send a real-time live broadcast of your presentation. To let others see your presentation, provide them a link. Using any browser, they may watch it on any devices.

Create polls, live chats, and comments to get instant input on the presentation. During the presentation, formulate a series of inquiries for the audience and conduct a survey. The audience will anonymously respond on their devices.

4. Focusky


Price: Offers a plan that is free. Monthly pricing levels begin at $9.9.

Compatibility: macOS and Windows


  • Animated characters built right in
  • Adaptable format for output


  • Presentations cannot be downloaded using the free version.

Focusky is an additional alternative to Prezi. There are multiple approaches to get your presentation started. You can edit an already-made presentation, begin with a new project, upload a PowerPoint file, or begin with a template.

Use zoom and pan functions to draw the audience’s attention. Zoom in on any presentation details while maintaining image quality. To keep up with the slides, choose a music video. Make your text stand out by using the WordArt effect. You can either sketch and animate your own characters or select from over a thousand pre-built animated characters.

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Share presentations with others by saving them in formats such as HTML, ZIP, PDF, MP4, and more. The application is available in both desktop & mobile versions.

5. Storydoc


Price: Storydoc provides its users with three different plans: Starter ($40),

Business. A 14-day free trial is available to you. All of the presentations you make are yours to keep forever.

Compatibility: Suitable for any web browser


  • Easy-to-use editor and fill-in-the-blank templates: a step up from PowerPoint!
  • On mobile devices, presentations will immediately appear fantastic.
  • Robust connections to additional sales tools.
  • You can always see who has accessed your deck and how they have interacted with it with Storydoc.


Requires an internet connection to function.

A tool for making interactive pitch decks, proposals, and business-to-business presentations is called Storydoc. With templates for all of the most common corporate use cases, excellent pre-made infographics, and additional sophisticated data visualization capabilities, it has it all.

6. Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Browsers that are compatible are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. iOS and Android applications

Zoho Show


  • Group cooperation
  • Cloud-based collaboration


  • Requires an Internet connection to function.
  • Merely more than 20 themes

One website that is similar to Prezi is Zoho Show. With the aid of Zoho Show, you can develop, present, and publish your presentations. To customize your own design, choose from more than 20 themes and more than 100 fonts. Slides should include images, videos, text boxes, tables, shapes, and charts. Use animations to weave your narrative. Also check Oxenfree Alternatives

You and your group can collaborate on the slides at the same time. Viewing, editing, and commenting on the slide or any of its components is possible. Limit who has access to the presentation. Your presentation can be streamed online. Send out a link to a project so that anyone can see it from anywhere.

PowerPoint presentations can be imported into Zoho Show and edited as desired. You may access your files from anywhere in the world with the aid of apps for iOS and Android.

7. Powtoon


Price: Offers a free edition. Monthly pricing levels begin at $19.

Compatibility: Every major web browser


  • Characters with animation
  • User-friendly interface


  • Able to work slowly when working on big projects

One competitor of Prezi is Powtoon. Working in Powtoon will result in a presentation that looks professional. Use the drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of pre-made templates. Slides can be altered in any way you wish, including the scene’s organization and the addition of animated figures, subtitles, pictures, movies, and backdrops. You can download your presentation in various formats or upload it to Vimeo and YouTube.

8. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

Price: No cost during trial. Monthly pricing levels begin at $9.99.

Compatible: iOS and web browsers


  • Numerous thousands of templates
  • Tools driven by artificial intelligence


  • Presentations cannot be downloaded using the free version.

An program called Haiku Deck is used to create presentations and is comparable to Prezi. You can use an iPad, iPhone, or the web to do it. Use elements such as layouts, filters, and fonts to improve the slides. Select a presentation template from thousands available. To incorporate into slides, look for imaginative stock photos. Using your devices, access the cloud-stored presentation.

With its Haiku Deck Zuru tool, Haiku Deck makes the process of producing a presentation very easy. With the power of artificial intelligence, this program can quickly turn your files into a stunning display.

9. RawShorts


Price: Free trial available. Monthly pricing plans begin at $39

Suitable for any web browser


  • Royalty-free video collection
  • Tools driven by artificial intelligence


  • Insufficient adaptability of the template

RawShorts offers presentation creating software as an alternative to Prezi. By utilizing artificial intelligence, time is saved. The platform’s technology will read your video script after you upload it and identify the key elements of your narrative. The system adds a voiceover after locating the media assets that correspond with your screenplay. The next step is to go over the manuscript and make any required edits.

Use any browser to access the platform. Add media assets and animated charts to the presentation, and use the text-to-speech tool. Utilize a ton of pre-made icons, movies, pictures, and animations straight from the application.

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10. Visme


Price: Offers a basic package that is free. Monthly pricing plans begin at $14.

Compatibility: Suitable for any web browser


  • Group cooperation
  • Slide library storage
  • Tools for analytics


  • Acquiring knowledge of every aspect of the platform requires time.

Another option to Prezi for making presentations is Visme. To begin creating a presentation, utilize hundreds of templates, text blocks, icons, pictures, and fonts. Incorporate reports, noises, maps, and charts. Make any slide item come to life. You can download and use your presentation offline, or you can upload it online. Any device from anywhere around the world can view the file.

On Visme, three storage libraries are available for use. The media library contains every picture and video you’ve ever published to Visme. To use it later, save your favorite slide to the slide library. To preserve a portion of your slide in the content library, choose it.

Visme includes an analytics tool by default. It displays the viewers’ whereabouts as well as their participation on the presentation.

11. Vyond


Price: Trial period is free of charge. Monthly pricing levels begin at $49

Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, & Google Chrome are compatible

Compatibility: Collaborating on projects with anybody


  • A wide range of integrated content
  • Strict guidelines for data protection


  • Vyond does not support Safari.

Regardless of ability level, Vyond software offers solutions for everyone. It’s simple to use the interface. With Vyond, anyone can produce dynamic content. Also check Brandcrowd Alternatives

You have access to thousands of templates, as well as stock images, sounds, and backgrounds. You can even make your own animated character. Utilize and adapt any previously created content for upcoming endeavors. If you are working without a template, start from scratch. Enhance your videos with a voiceover.

Work together on projects by utilizing the shared libraries. Trade assets, characters, and templates. You have authority over who has access to the platform; you can add or remove users. To guarantee security, password-protect data.

12. Emaze


Price: Offers a free starter plan. Monthly premium pricing plans begin at $13.

Compatibility: Suitable for any web browser


  • Countless editable templates
  • Presenting remotely
  • Tools for analytics


  • Requires an Internet connection to function.

With Emaze, you can make a fantastic presentation for any occasion. Incorporate web pages, infographics, live iframes, audio, pictures, and videos into the slides. Thousands of fully configurable pre-made templates are available.

You can upload the presentation online to your blog or website, or download it in HTML, PDF, and MP4 formats. Additionally, you can look at the analytics.

13. Slidebean


Price: Offers a free plan. Monthly pricing plans begin at $8.

Compatibility: Internet Explorer


  • Tools driven by artificial intelligence
  • An assortment of themed templates


  • Insufficient adaptability of the template

Among the presentation tools is Slidebean. Artificial intelligence powers it. The site allows you to submit texts or photos, and the machine will decide how to create your presentations. Select from more than 100 templates or use a blank slide. Work together in real time as a team.

14. Venngage


Price: Offers a free edition. Monthly pricing plans begin at $16.


  • Editor that is easy to use
  • Numerous thousands of templates
  • Stock photos and icon libraries


  • Certain features are exclusive to Business and Premium customers.

With a wide range of themes & color palettes to choose from, Venngage’s infographic creator makes it easy for anybody to create reports, presentations, charts, and more intricate designs. With only one click, you may alter the text, images, and symbols in your photos and add data to them. Design becomes extremely simple and rapid as a result. Venngage offers a free version as well as a Business edition with more capabilities.

Frequently requested inquiries

What surpasses Prezi in quality?

Although Prezi makes excellent presentations, you can also experiment with the program’s more sophisticated functions, such as:

  • Visme
  • Beyond
  • Empower

What may I utilize in place of Prezi?

Prezi can be substituted with the following software:

  • Movavi University
  • Slidebean
  • The Zoho Show

Is PowerPoint inferior to Prezi?

Both Prezi and PowerPoint are helpful resources for making presentations. When creating presentations for work, PowerPoint is a great tool. As a tool for storytelling, Prezi can assist you in creating captivating and dynamic presentations.

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