Top 5 Best Mood Tracking Apps In 2024

Best Mood Tracking Apps will be described in this article. Nobody can honestly claim that their mood doesn’t fluctuate during the day. We may experience these emotions for a few days or longer. There are moments when we feel like we’re on top of the world, and other times when we’re depressed and don’t want to accomplish anything at all.

For a considerable amount of time, research has indicated that the best approach to monitor your mood is to regularly record your feelings in a journal and identify the factors that cause your mood swings so you may attempt to address the issue.

Top 5 Best Mood Tracking Apps In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Mood Tracking Apps here are the details below;

Though keeping a notebook and pen with you is beneficial for your mental well-being, it’s not the most practical option. Furthermore, it can be challenging to remember to write in your journal every day. Fortunately, a number of mood tracking applications have emerged recently to assist with both of those issues.

UpLife and Mental Walk are two effective apps that are currently available on Setapp that can help you improve personally and enhance your mental health.

Why Use Mood Tracking Apps?

Pen and paper is generally not a very good way to track your mood; apps that function as daily journals, mood charts, visual trackers, or even both are far superior. First of all, your mood tracker is always close at hand thanks to your phone or laptop. Certain applications that track emotions can even prompt you to journal your feelings.

Additionally, writing on your phone takes a lot less time. With certain apps, all you have to do is tap to choose your present mood—you can go into further detail if you have the time. Finally, scribbling down your thoughts daily in an app rather than a journal offers the advantage of quicker analysis later on as well as engaging robust reporting features to show how your mood has been altering over time.

What moods should I put on my mood tracker?

If you’re not familiar with mood monitors, allow us to demonstrate how to make the most of this useful resource.

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Mood trackers are intended to help you keep an eye on mental health and well-being. Start by selecting a spectrum of feelings that you can relate to, including joy, sorrow, excitement, worry, calmness, frustration, vitality, exhaustion, contentment, tension, and more. Think about your feelings for a moment each day, then select the one that most accurately captures how you are feeling. You’ll acquire insightful knowledge about your mood swings, stressors, and general mental wellness over time.

Having said that, these are a few of the top mood tracking apps for iOS and macOS right now.

1. Record everything online with Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker is a tempting option if you wish to log and view your past moods online. With this software effortlessly keep track of your medicine and exercise schedule, write down your mood, and even send email or text message reminders.

Because Mood Tracker is entirely online, sharing your mood chart with others—like medical professionals—so they can assist you in achieving your wellness objectives is simple.

Record everything online with Mood Tracker

Additionally, there’s a public forum where you may meet people who share your interests, get emotional support, and learn about other people’s methods for monitoring their mental health.

Mood Tracker’s commercial edition includes unlimited measurements, text message answers, search functionality, and supplement monitoring.

2. Reflect on your life with Mental Walk

Start a journey of self-improvement with Mental Walk that will change your life. You can prioritize your health, strengthen your relationships, and improve many other areas of your life with this effective tool. Take notes on everything that is important to you, including everyday occurrences, treasured recollections, introspection, and expressions of thankfulness. Journaling is made seamless and immersive with its elegant and uncluttered design.

The app takes your self-discovery a step further by proposing thought-provoking questions customized to different aspects of your life. Take some time to reflect on your life’s path, professional goals, relationships, company objectives, productivity, and other topics.

Reflect on your life with Mental Walk

Additionally, the user-friendly calendar component of the Mental Walk app lets you go back and relive your favorite memories. Take nostalgic stroll down memory lane to revisit the significant events that have shaped your life.

3. Time-stamp your mood with Daylio

You can use Daylio if thorough self-analysis is out of the question due to your busy schedule.

Discovering what makes you happy is as simple as possible with Daylio, an award-winning iOS app. With just two touches, you can choose the present activity and how you feel, eliminating the need to write daily journal entries.

Ultimately, Daylio will give you precise charts that link your actions and emotions, enabling you to start making wiser choices and remain on course.

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Time-stamp your mood with Daylio

4. Get a complete mental health picture with MoodKit

MoodKit is an iOS app based on cognitive behavior therapy concepts that combines four different features to help you better understand your mood swings.

First, there are several suggestions, illustrations, and advice for five different types of activities that improve mood. Secondly, there is a thought checker that assists you in altering your thoughts in order to alter your sensations. After that, you can genuinely save your everyday emotional condition by using a mood tracker. Lastly, you may record mood notes and observations of any length and export them at any moment using a versatile mood notebook that has built-in themes.

Get a complete mental health picture with MoodKit

5. Get guided sessions and meditations with UpLife

Do you want one more fantastic iOS app to raise your happiness and quality of life? Try UpLife, an app that can help you meditate and act as a pocket therapist to help you live a happier, more balanced life. UpLife is the ideal partner to help you at every stage, whether your goal is to control your emotions or make dietary improvements. Also check Excellent Customer Engagement Strategies

It’s simple to get started using the app. Similar to a first therapy session, UpLife walks you through a series of thought-provoking questions when you first launch it. This method makes sure you’re at ease and don’t feel overburdened right away.

UpLife creates customized guided sessions and meditation practices based on your responses, catered to your objectives and requirements. Reminders can be easily established to remind you to practice at the most convenient times of the day.

UpLife is a smooth user experience. Just hit the play button on your daily task and adhere to the detailed guidelines that appear. Expert psychologists have thoughtfully created these sessions based on the concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Get guided sessions and meditations with UpLife

Track your daily moods and get any other tasks done with Setapp

As you can see, if you’ve been suffering mood swings and feeling sad lately, the first step is to just record everything. You’ll then be able to modify your routine through trial and error so that you may break out of the rut and resume having a productive mentality. Here, using apps that track your mood, such as Mental Walk or UpLife, on your Mac or phone, is the ideal option. You can try both apps on Setapp at no cost during a seven-day trial. Then pay $9.99/month. In addition to these mood tracker apps, Setapp offers hundreds of useful tools to help you with practically any work on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Try it out and discover what your new favorites are.

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