How To Fix Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google Chrome

How To Fix Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google Chrome will be described in this article. Have you ever had an error message stating there was not enough RAM when attempting to open a web carrier on your Google Chrome browser? This might be a really annoying situation that keeps you from getting the content you require. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions that can quickly resolve this problem and restore functionality to your browser.

How To Fix Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google Chrome

In this article, you can know about How To Fix Not Enough Memory To Open This Page In Google Chrome here are the details below;

We’ll look at some solutions for the Google Chrome not enough memory problem in this article. We’ll also go over how to make your browser run faster so you can keep browsing uninterrupted. Continue reading to learn more!

The Google Chrome web browser frequently displays the error notification “Not Enough Memory to spread this page.” An out-of-date Chrome version or a significant amount of data kept in the browser’s cache could be the cause of this issue. There are a few straightforward solutions you can try to remove this problem and resume using your web browser. Also check Ways To Fix Overwatch 2 Error Starting Game 

1. Disable Extensions

Small programs called extensions are added to your browser to improve or provide new functionality. On the other hand, if they are badly coded or demand excessive amounts of system and browser resources, they may cause your browsing speed to decrease. You must disable any extraneous plugins and extensions in order to resolve this problem. This will increase the speed of your browser in addition to freeing up computer resources.

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Disable Extensions

Go to Settings > More Tools > Extensions in Google Chrome, click on each listed extension to turn it off, or remove it entirely, to disable extensions.

2. Increase chrome Memory Allocation

It’s possible that insufficient memory is being allocated by your browser if you’re experiencing issues with Google Chrome. Because of this, the browser could have trouble opening some websites and show error messages like “Not Enough Memory To Open This Page.” Memory allotted to Chrome can be increased to easily resolve this issue. The steps to increase the RAM allocation in Chrome are as follows.

In your Chrome browser, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

  • Select Settings > System from the options list.
  • Turn Off Chrome’s Hardware Acceleration

In the options list, click Settings

  • Use hardware acceleration where available is an option under System. Turn off this configuration and open Chrome again.

More RAM should be available as a result for the browser to process pages.

3. Clear Cache & Cookies

Are “not enough memory” issues consistently appearing in your Google Chrome browser? If so, you might want to try cleaning your browser’s cache and cookies. By doing this, you’ll be able to clear up space on your computer and browse websites without any problems. This is how you do it:

Make sure Google Chrome is closed before you access the settings menu.

  • Choose the “Privacy and security” option.
  • Clear your Chrome browser history.

Select the option for Privacy and security

  • Choose Clear browsing data from this menu to open a dialogue box with several alternatives.
  • Verify that the site’s cookies, cached images and files, and other data are all checked.
  • Next, select Clear data from the window’s bottom menu.
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4. Update Chrome Version

Updates for the Chrome browser can help with many problems, including this one. In case the issue persists, consider updating your web browser. Also check unable To connect

Take the following actions to make sure you are utilising the multiple recent version of Google Chrome:

  • To access Help > About Google Chrome, click the icon located in the upper proper corner of the screen.
  • This will cause a window to open, displaying the Chrome version that is presently installed on your system.
  • Don’t worry if it differs from the most recent stable release that Google has made public.
  • When you launch About Chrome, the browser will begin updating itself automatically in a moment.

Fixed Google Chrome’s Not Enough Memory

These days, technology is integral to our everyday existence. For easy work completion and fast information access, we depend on computers, tablets, and cellphones. However, what occurs when you use Google Chrome and encounter problems like “Not Enough Memory To Open This Page”? If this is happening to you, it indicates that your browser is running out of memory, which prevents it from opening webpages.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to fix this error message. This post has explained how to resolve the Google Chrome problem “Not Enough Memory To Open This Page” by deactivating extensions, cleaning the cache and cookies, and doing other performance-enhancing steps. Along with learning how to stop the error message from occurring in the future, you should also investigate other possible reasons of the message.

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