Top 10 Best Digital Art Software for Drawing, Painting & Illustration

Numerous mobile applications for designers who prefer to work on the go have already been covered.
However, if you’re seeking for some of the best digital art programmes for both beginner and professional designers for sketching, painting, illustrating, and more. Ten of our favourite tools for artists are listed here!

Each of these numerous art programmes has its own USP (Unique Selling Point); some excel at creating vector artwork, while others are unrivalled at creating illustrations. Our selection of the Best Digital Art Apps & Apps (2021) for various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Web, and Smartphones, includes dedicated creating programmes for photo manipulation, 3D modelling, free-hand drawing, and many more.

What Are Software for Digital Art?

Digital art programmes are specialised tools made for artists to work on new types of art that incorporate various conventional painting and drawing processes. This covers techniques like oil impasto, freehand drawing, and watercolour painting. These tools also include cutting-edge features that help designers produce faultless, cutting-edge designs.

For drawing, painting, and illustration, the best digital art software (2022)

Here are the best selection of possibilities for whatever you are looking for in the drawing, painting, or illustrating category to aid you in making the right decision!

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop
All praise for Adobe Photoshop’s ubiquity goes to its efficiency and simplicity. When it comes to professional graphic editing and photo improvement, digital art software is unquestionably one of the most inventive alternatives. Photoshop can be used to generate graphics, packaging designs, banners, logos, websites, icons, and much more. It is not just for taking pictures. Fantastic pre-loaded templates and plugins are available for output that looks professional.

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2. Corel Painter

Corel Painter
Corel Painter offers the ideal combination of features and tools to create both conventional paintings and cutting-edge designs in one location. A well-known programme called Corel Painter is used mostly to create canvas art, book covers, illustrations, and other types of artwork. You can even save your own customised set of brushes, pencils, and presets for using the same strokes. A special “Movie” feature in the digital art programme enables you to combine various paintings and sketches to make storyboards. Nice, huh? Find out what makes Corel Painter one of the top digital art programmes available.

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3. Rebelle 4

Rebelle 4
Rebelle 4 is a potent digital painting programme that offers a wide selection of drawing tools, flashy effects, and a tonne of practical painting tools to help you improve your artistic abilities. Rebelle 4 provides an Intro Tutorial for novice artists to help users comprehend digital art software. It comes with an incredible assortment of brushes, pencils, ink pens, watercolour and acrylic paints, markers, airbrushes, and airbrushes. It also features a strong eraser. Let’s look at what makes Rebelle 4 the greatest software for creating digital art:

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4. Krita

With the aid of a variety of drawing and painting tools, Krita is one of the greatest digital art programmes created for artists to produce thorough and realistic illustrations and beautiful drawings. The application’s user interface is sleek and black with a large feature set available on the main window. You can do HDR Painting, support CMYK, and use effects like smear, add texture, spray, duplicate, deform, and many more with Krita.

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5. Affinity Designer

Affinity DesignerFor intermediate and experienced users who want to produce works of art digitally, Affinity Designer is an outstanding option. You can use a variety of tools, including pencils, brushes, pixel-editing choices, photo-retouching functions, and more, with this drawing and illustration software. Additionally, you may manipulate layers, regulate item alignment, arrange objects, rotate, flip, and do other things using this digital art software.

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6. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
To design illustrations, digital graphics, and create engaging web/video/mobile content, you already need to be familiar with this well-known and skilled vector graphics programme. The best digital art software is Adobe Illustrator, which has capabilities like live distortion, adding 3D effects, symbols, blending forms, and more. Adobe Illustrator, in contrast to the majority of digital art tools, offers cross-media design. Thus, whether it is for printing, digital publication, or for a suitable mobile view, the layout adapts to the choices.
Very helpful, no?

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7. CorelDRAW

Professional and experienced designers utilise CorelDRAW, a top graphics programme, all over the world.
The digital art tool is widely used in the industry to design eye-catching logos, banner ads, and complete websites. CorelDRAW is a leader in page layout programmes in addition to being a specialist in the field of vector graphics software, making it simple to create entire stationary such as business cards, logos, letterhead, catalogues, and more. Let’s look at some of the main benefits and drawbacks of this digital art approach (2022).

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8. YouiDraw Drawing

YouiDraw Drawing
You don’t want to add any more software to your device, do you? Choose YouiDraw without a doubt. A fantastic web tool for producing beautiful vector-based art. It provides a comprehensive set of necessary tools to help you bring your ideas to life. It allows you to combine and modify several components in one location and contains a robust image editor and ready-to-use templates. The huge form collection can also be used to produce excellent logos and icons.

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9. Paint 3D

Paint 3D
Use Paint 3D to create, alter, print, or share your illustrations, paintings, and other artwork. Thanks to the user-friendly design and support for a number of photo editing and doodling tools, it is a good option for both novice and experienced users. One of the top pieces of digital art software to use in 2022 is even more reliable thanks to the fact that it supports common file formats and is an improved version of MS Paint.

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10. ArtWeaver 

Utilize your creativity with the fantastic collection of painting and drawing tools provided by the digital art software Art Weaver. The application is quite simple to use, and you can use several different capabilities at once. You can personalise brushes in ArtWeaver and keep them for later use. You can use the digital art tool in two flavours, such as the Free version and premium programme version, with the exception of a few stability issues. The comparison chart will show you the differences between the two versions. The following is a list of some of the tool’s main benefits and drawbacks:

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Our Individual Favorites: Recommended by WeTheGeek

We have now discussed a few of the “Super-Hit” picks for the best digital software in 2022. While some of them are full solutions to produce engaging graphics, others are suitable for amateur designers and people oriented toward generating digital art.

Photoshop is a useful design tool with a tonne of features for producing both simple and intricate artwork.
Its flexibility to integrate plugins and more is to credit for this. However, Paint 3D is a good option to take into account if you’re seeking for a 3D modelling tool as opposed to a simple painting programme. If you’re looking for a professional design tool, consider Affinity Designer. It has a powerful interface and so many capabilities that there doesn’t appear to be any end to what may be made.

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