Top 10 Best Photoshop Plugins For Photographers In 2022

One of the most well-liked and often used programmes among graphic designers worldwide is Adobe Photoshop. Even though this application has virtually all the functions one may need, a few gaps have been filled with the help of extra plugins. The best Photoshop plugins for enhancing picture editing are available in both paid and free versions. The best Photoshop plugins for photographers in 2022 can be found and selected with the aid of our guide.

Photographers’ Best Photoshop Plugins

1. Camera Raw

Camera Raw
One of the best free Photoshop plugins is Camera Raw, which can be found on the official Adobe website.
Adobe created and refined it so that Photoshop users do not have to utilise the Lightroom programme for basic touch-ups. RAW photos can be edited along with other image formats like JPG and BMP using this plugin.


  • available for Windows and Mac.
  • Adobe created the.
  • In Photoshop, you may adjust the Shadows, Contrast, Tint, etc.

2. Pexels Photoshop Plugin

Pexels Photoshop Plugin
The Pexels Photoshop Plugin, which enables users to download and utilise thousands of stock images without ever leaving the Photoshop programme, is one of the most popular and commonly used Photoshop plugins. This can help you finish your work much more quickly and efficiently. All of the photographs are free to use for both personal and professional purposes without any limitations or fees. It is offered as a Google Chrome Extension and as a plugin for Sketch, MS Office, Google Slides, and Figma.

  • There are a lot of free stock images.
  • Photos may be employed commercially.
  • Every month, over 3000 new photos are added.

3. ON1 Effects

ON1 Effects
As we continue down the list of the best Photoshop plugins, we have ON1 Effects, a professional plugin that offers a variety of choices and effects for enhancing your photographs. This plugin is not for novices or those looking to make minor adjustments. It is a premium plugin that is also somewhat pricey. Both standalone and plugin versions of Adobe Photoshop are compatible with it.

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  • There are numerous Presets to pick from.
  • One-Click options expedite processes.
  • Opacity Slider is included to adjust effects.

4. Luminar 4

Luminar 4
As it enables users to make amazing alterations to their photographs, Luminar 4 can be regarded as one of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers. Your images will be edited and modified using Artificial Intelligence technology, easing the stress on the user and delivering the desired results quickly.


  • enables users to support blending modes and masks.
  • exact editing with AI technology.
  • provides Sky Enhancer Modules and Smart Tone Modules.

5. Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR
We have Skylum Aurora HDR, which enables users to produce HDR photographs on their computers, midway down the best Photoshop plugins list. It has sophisticated editing capabilities and can be used independently.


  • both Windows and Mac systems are supported.
  • There are more than 20 necessary tools present.
  • Polarizing Filter, Dodge & Burn, and Details Enhancer are all parts of HDR editing.

6. Infinite Color

Infinite Color
Infinite Color, which lives up to its name and offers limitless colour options, is the next best Photoshop plugin for photographers. It functions more as a colour grading tool that can add and edit arbitrary layers to your photographs.


  • Only the user will own the created colours.
  • Unlimited colour options, simple Photoshop attachment

7. Focus

Focus, a Photoshop plugin that includes effects like tilt-shift and motion blur, is necessary to complete our list of the best Photoshop plugins. It is one of the best Photoshop plugins available for the money and won’t break the bank.


  • both a standalone app and a plugin.
  • Landscape, Macro, and Architecture are among the preconfigured settings.
  • provides settings for both radial and linear motion blur
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8. RH Hover Color Picker

RH Hover Color Picker
RH Hover Color Picker is the plugin you need to use if you want one of the best Photoshop plugins that also works with a small budget. Compared to Adobe Photoshop’s built-in colour picker tool, it is much superior. A quick, contemporary, and covert variation of the well-known basic colour picker is RH Hover Color Picker.


  • Low in price.
  • when not in use, hides.
  • available on both Mac and Windows.

9. Blow up 3

Blow up 3
One of the best Photoshop plugins for enlarging photos is called Blow-Up. It handles all kinds of image scaling jobs, as is clear from its name. The quality of the image can be altered without affecting its size. Stretch, Crop, and Crop & Resize are the three primary modules.


  • supports Mac and Windows
  • Both a standalone plugin and the Exposure X4 Bundle are accessible.
  • large billboard images are supported, with 300.000 pixels on each side.

10. Particle Shop

Particle Shop
Particle Shop, which offers a huge selection of dynamic brushes, comes in last on the list of the best Photoshop plugins for photographers. It comes with an 11-brush core set that makes beautiful photos possible. Simple touchscreens and tablets with pressure sensitivity can both use the programme.


  • Brushes with dynamic speckles
  • Powered by the Painter platform.
  • compatible with both Windows and Mac

The Best Photoshop Plugins For Photographers In 2022, according to You

The best Photoshop plugins for photographers in 2022 have been covered in this article; it is now up to you to select your own plugins based on their intended use. Since each of these plugins has a unique set of capabilities, comparing them is challenging. However, Camera RAW, one of the best free Photoshop plugins that supports all the fundamental editing features, has our hearts.

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