How Do I Know What Type Of Motherboard I Have?

How Do I Know What Type Of Motherboard I Have will be described in this article. It’s likely that you are aware of the type of computer or Mac you own, but are you aware of the motherboard that powers it? Discover why it’s critical to identify the motherboard that your system utilizes as well as how to identify the name, model, manufacturer, and serial number of devices running Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Then, to help make sure your system functions properly, whether you’re using a Mac or Windows computer, install strong, automated maintenance software like Avast Cleanup.

How Do I Know What Type Of Motherboard I Have?

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Why is a motherboard and why is it important?

The motherboard, a single circuit board that connects all of the components and enables inter-component communication, is the backbone of your system. Your device cannot operate without a motherboard because the physical parts (such as the CPU, RAM, GPU, USB ports, and SSDs) cannot communicate with one another.

Examining the specifications of your present motherboard can assist you in comprehending its advantages and disadvantages. This is especially helpful for laptops, as their smaller size might make upgrades more difficult than for desktop computers. Additionally, being aware of your system’s capabilities will enable you to decide when to construct a new gaming PC or make hardware improvements.

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A straightforward fix to speed up performance can be found fast if you know specifics like the maximum RAM your motherboard can support, especially if your older system has been crashing or experiencing other problems.

How to find out what motherboard you have in windows

Using the Windows System Information tool is the simplest approach to find the manufacturer and verify the specifications of your motherboard. Here’s how to do it:

  1. To launch Run, use the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. Click OK after entering msinfo32 in the text field.

Hit the Windows

  1. Click on System Summary in the panel on the left. The next three headings have information about your motherboard listed next to them:
  • Manufacturer of BaseBoards
  • BaseBoard Item
  • Version of BaseBoard

Select System Summary in the left panel

Here are some additional resources to assist you in determining your Windows motherboard type:

Command Prompt

The Windows Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 all come with a built-in Command Prompt that makes it easy to find out the brand, model, serial number, and version of your motherboard. Also check How To Fix XMP Not Working

  1. Variety cmd into the Windows Start menu, then select Run as administrator.

In the Windows start menu

  1. After entering the command below, hit Enter:

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber

Get product, manufacturer, version, and serial number for WMIC baseboard


Another default Windows tool that can retrieve the manufacturer, product and the serial number, and version of your motherboard via command lines is PowerShell:

  1. Type powershell into the Windows Start menu, then select Run as administrator.

In the Windows start menu

  1. After entering the command below, hit Enter:

Get-WmiObject Win32_BaseBoard | Format-Table –Auto SerialNumber, Product, Manufacturer, and Version

Get-WmiObject Win32

Third-party Software

A variety of third-party applications are available to retrieve comprehensive system information about machines running Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

The following are useful Windows utilities for obtaining motherboard specifications:

  • Advisor Belarc
  • Processor-Z

How to Check what motherboard you have on a Mac

The Mac counterpart of a motherboard is a piece of hardware found in every Mac. It’s called a logic board. Searching for the serial number of your Mac model is a standard initial step in determining which logic board is installed in your system. You can then use the serial number to determine which logic board is installed in your system.

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The operations of a logic board are identical to those of a motherboard; however, since macOS does not support logic boards, it is more difficult to discover detailed information about them.

Here’s how to locate the motherboard (logic board) information for your Mac:

First, find you Mac serial number

  1. On your toolbar, open the Apple menu, then choose About This Mac.

Open the Apple menu

  1. The system information will contain your serial number.

Your serial number will be included in the system information

Then, use your Mac serial number to find your motherboard details

You can find the model of your logic board by looking through the database of a PowerbookMedic or other Apple replacement expert. Just type the serial number of your Mac into the search bar and press Enter. From there, you can discover the logic board and RAM capacity integrated into your particular gadget.

How to find out what motherboard you have in Linux

Use the Terminal application in Linux to view motherboard information. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Type sudo dmidecode -t 2 in the open Terminal window, then press Enter.
  2. In Linux, type “sudo dmidecode -t 2” into Terminal and press Enter to get motherboard information.

Enter your password

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