12 Best Call Recording Apps In 2023

Recent Android versions make it impossible to record calls. But, there are additional ways to record the call. Call recording apps must be downloaded in order to record calls in a manner similar to a voice recorder. We will instruct you on how to save or record your calls with friends since, in the year 2022, it is crucial to save the words spoken by you and others so that they cannot be distorted.
If you are looking for the finest Android or iOS call recording apps, you have come to the right spot. After reading this, you will be able to select the finest app for you.

15 Top Android Call Recording Applications in 2023

Here are the top call recording applications available for you.

1. Call Recorder Cube ACR

Call Recorder - Cube ACR Apk 2.3.209 | Latest Version 2021 - APKPUFF

This software functions flawlessly. It just few seconds to prepare for the following duty. This program records clearly and even captures background noises, while maintaining the clarity of the caller’s speech. The price each item is between $1.99 and $9.99, but its features are outstanding.
Cube ACR facilitates the recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIP conversations. Build a list of individuals you must constantly record. Create a list of contacts that will not be automatically recorded The Cube ACR file explorer allows you to manage your recordings, play them, erase them on the fly, and export them to other services or devices. Shake your phone during call recording to mark the most important portions of the conversation.

A nominal yearly fee is required. The best part is that you don’t have to change your default phone dialer because you can use the software that came with your phone. Instead, you can utilize the program’s free edition. It is self-contained, straightforward to replay, and simple to hear both speeches.

2. IntCall Call Recorder

Best Android Call Recorder - IntCall(Hide Your Number During Calls ...

It is enormous in bulk, user-friendly, and reliable. It stores data for extended periods of time. It is the best app ever to use. It is not free; users must pay between $7.99 to $94.99 each item to access it. All active calls will be saved with the actual caller’s name for easy retrieval of recordings. . This application includes accessibility features. While not all devices support VoIP call recording, this software does.
Advertising are kept to a minimum. All active calls will be saved with the accurate Caller ID and caller name, making it easy to recall who called. This tool is comparable to Cube ACR in that you can record phone calls and VOIP calls, save call locations and notes, and edit your recordings.

3. Auto Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder App on Behance

It is a very handy software for data collection. It is dependable, records very clearly, and most significantly, it is simple to share with other programs. It captures both incoming and outgoing calls. Every telephone conversations should be recorded. It Plays recorded audio chats. Remove unnecessary recorded talks.
Call Recorder is a set of characteristics that allows you to automatically record any phone call. It is one of the most effective call recorders on Google Play. With an automatic call recorder, you can record and save any phone call.

If your camera’s internal memory is full, you can record into an SD card (external card). It stores your recordings and uploads them to Google drive. After 1 or 2 weeks, unsaved recordings are deleted automatically. It identifies the calls and alerts us when they are spam, as well as identifying every call we get. Excellent sound quality and fully autonomous operation. No bothersome popups. No notification of irrigation. It also displays the caller ID.

4. TapeACall

10 Best Free Call Recording Apps for Android & iOS in 2022 - BUY ROMEO

TapeACall is a well-known phone call recorder for those who value their time and wish to document everything. Calls that are recorded can be transcribed into text. The app enables straightforward downloads of audio files. You can easily exchange files with other applications and save them to Google Drive.
You can play any audio recording as background music.

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It records calls, stores them, and makes them simple to distribute. It is apple-related. For optimal usability, purchase app items priced between $2.99 and $99.99 per item. Typical Subscription Plans consist of:

  • One-Year Membership with a Free Seven-Day Trial
  • One-Month Membership with a Free Seven-Day Trial

It displays a confirmation popup for preserving the call recording. Request immediately following the call and configure in the options. It is of high grade. It is a quick method for recording on the fly. It is practical and simple to use. Calls can be recorded, saved, and shared with ease.

5. Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Online Audio Trimmer | Free MP3 Cutter & Audio Clipper - Rev

It is a straightforward program for audio recording, dictation, and transcription. It is apple-related. During incoming or outgoing calls, automatically record calls in excellent quality. Organize your call records. The list of files can be sorted by date or by name. It is possible to record interviews, seminars, meetings, and other activities. Notes and memoranda should be dictated. Your audio will be excellent.

You may manage and edit recordings on your phone. It can be shared via email, Dropbox, Evernote, or any other manner you like. Apples are the most effective ingredient. Even when the volume changes, the clarity is astounding. Uploading files to Dropbox or Google Drive is an easy process.
It records lengthy phone calls and is of immense utility. Recordings can be stored on the SD card. It supports MP3 AMR and WAV formats for recording. To prevent automated cleaning, lock and secure registered goods.

6. Smart Recorder

11 Best Hidden Voice Recording Apps for Android & iOS - Apps Like These ...

It occupies very little space on the phone. Android’s default audio recorder is free and simple to use. It has been designed with an intuitive interface for long-term, high-quality recording. You can purchase its additional things for $1.49 each. Enables you to automatically record all calls. Offers great audio quality and contact name storage.
Since 2012, this program has been installed on more than 40 million devices globally and has shown to be a reliable everyday tool. A straightforward recording list and numerous sharing options With this all call recorder hidden program, you may record and save phone calls with contact names and phone numbers and a high-quality, crystal-clear speech.
As a screen saver, the application does not cease recording, and Bluetooth is on. The voice file can be titled easily, and previous recordings are simple to locate and play. It is simple to switch between recording and playing. Recording time is simply constrained by available storage capacity. You have the option to save, pause, or cancel the recording process. You have command of your recording

7. Call Recorder – CallsBox

15 Best Call Recording Apps For Android In 2021(Free & Paid)

Automatic call recording and caller ID for Android devices. There is also a version for 2021 available. Call Recorder is the greatest automated call recording app for Android that allows you to record calls automatically. Caller ID is also incorporated into the application, allowing you to identify phone calls and avoid spam.
Caller ID identifies unknown phone numbers and then plays all of the recorded messages. Its replay is exceptionally clear. The recording filter option can be used to record all calls, contacts, or only unknown numbers. Both parties’ voices can be manually and automatically recorded. You can select between the good quality of your phone calls and CallsBOX, the finest app for recording phone calls in 2021 with a stylish and contemporary design. There is a new version for 2021 available. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and played in the background.

8. All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder Automatic [NEW VERSION] - Apps on Google Play

It is a straightforward and effective call recording app. It is not free; you must pay $1.99 per call to use it. All Call Recorder offers cutting-edge solutions. Call Recorder allows you to listen to recordings, annotate them, and share them. . In addition, it is synchronized with the cloud.
You can mark a communication as important and then store it to the important tab or folder. When your inbox is full of fresh calls, old recordings will be automatically removed if you do not manually delete them. You are able to share your recordings at any time with anyone. It documents calls in 3gp format.
It has minimal configuration options and automatically records calls. Moreover, you can store recordings to Google Drive and transmit them via email. Playback through the device’s speaker or earpiece. Many recording formats, including MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, and MP4, produce high-quality recordings.

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9. CallApp

This program allows you to make phone calls, search for contacts, and record audio. It notifies you when a call is coming in. Unknown caller ID, robocall blocker, and spam messages are all cost-free methods of determining who is calling. It is easy to record telephone calls. All incoming and outgoing calls must be logged. Call App captures calls in excellent quality! Any Android phone is capable of recording calls. With the best automatic call recorder for Android, it is possible to record any type of phone call.
It permits you to send WhatsApp messages without storing your contact information. It limits the amount of advertisements displayed to minimize data consumption. Every unwanted call is stopped. It can be customized with your phone numbers. It instantly identifies your caller regardless of their location or identity.

10. Automated Recording of Calls

Screenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot imageScreenshot image

This is the greatest app for recording. It is efficient, reliable, and simple to use. Calls are recorded and saved in the Inbox. You can adjust the inbox size. The number of saved calls is limited only by the storage capacity of the device. Suggest backup tracks that are stored on a physical drive. It automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls; there is no need to switch on and off again. Recordings are audible and distinct.
It is entirely free. You have the ability to edit the desired recording subject. It occupies very little space on the phone. When Bluetooth is enabled, recording is disabled. It preserves recorded audio in Google Drive. The recordings are impeccable. The recording is available for listening at any time.

That is without cost. You are able to modify the individual you wish to record. You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options to appear quickly after a call; it occupies very little space on the phone. Find recordings using a contact, phone number, or note.

11. Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic premium v1.1.128 APK Is Here! [LATEST] - Novahax

This is a remarkable app. It logs every phone call a user receives. It costs between $1.99 and $9.99 per unit. Effective and battery-friendly. Recording time is simply limited by available storage capacity. Except for contacts that have been requested to be ignored, all incoming calls are recorded.
Calls from particular contacts can be scheduled to be automatically saved and stored in the cloud. It works independently. The only little problem is that an advertisement appears when you open the saved recordings. You can store recordings in Google Drive, play them again, and share them. It is one of the greatest apps for call recording because it automatically records every call. The call conversation is recorded as soon as it begins.

12. Call Recorder

It operates well and produces excellent sound; it is dependable and endearing. The call recorder is simple to operate and manage recorded files. It is available for $2.99 per unit. The call recorder is simple to utilize and manage recorded files. A PIN code protects the call recorder from unauthorized access. Automatic recording of incoming and outgoing calls. Precise identification of caller phone numbers. There is no discrepancy.

You may replay the audio recordings. It adds preferred recordings for our convenience. The most important aspect is that it provides privacy. You can pay a little price to eliminate the advertisements. It also operates in the background. It keeps recordings according to the caller’s name. You can add your preferred recordings and safeguard them with a pin. It supports dark mode as well.


Call recording has numerous practical applications. Some people utilize call recording for security purposes, while others save them as a memento. Call recording applications can record any call. By reading this, you’ll be able to select the app of your choosing. There is no uncertainty regarding app selection.

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