Top 8 Best Audio and Video Transcription Apps for 2023

While audio and video are fantastic, why not use transcriptions to increase the impact of your work?

Is it difficult for you to conduct an interview and take notes at the same time? Do you just want to improve discoverability for your podcast episodes or YouTube videos by adding subtitles?

You can get the answer you’ve been seeking for with a transcribing app.

And what could be more portable than an on-the-go transcribing app?

The best audio and video transcription applications for iOS, Android, or both will be covered in this post as of 2023.

What’s an app for transcription?

Automated speech recognition (ASR) technology is used by transcription applications to swiftly translate audio to text. It’s the same technology that powers Okay Google, Siri, and Alexa!

Traditionally, speech-to-text applications and transcription apps work differently in that the former transform live input into text, while the latter works with pre-recorded content. The distinction between transcription and speech-to-text may be seen in the transcript your video conference tool provides you following the meeting and the texts you narrate while operating a vehicle.

Naturally, there are now transcription applications that can translate both recorded and live information.

Things to Think About Before Selecting a Transcription App

There are a ton of iOS and Android transcription applications available now, but not all of them generate correct text, and many might not be suitable for the purpose you have in mind.

This will help you choose which is best for you.

Automated vs. Human Transcription

First, decide if using a transcribing software is really the best alternative for you, before taking any other aspects into account.

The accuracy of human transcribers is often higher, while automated transcribing is more faster and less expensive.

Even though AI technology has advanced significantly, errors can occur, hence transcription applications seldom yield 100% accurate text. If there is background noise in your audio, speakers speak over one another or with strong accents, or if someone just speaks poorly, they are more prone to make mistakes. However, AI transcription is undoubtedly quicker than human services, and errors may typically be fixed by quickly reviewing your transcripts.

Try a human transcribing service if you need a very exact transcript and don’t have time to make the necessary modifications by hand. These have lengthier turnaround periods and are typically more expensive than transcribing applications, but for some people, they are worthwhile.

Check out our post on the best accurate transcription services in 2023 if you think a human transcription service might be a good fit for you.


Nevertheless, some audio and video transcription applications are remarkably precise, while others are not as good. Before selecting an app, we advise you to read a few reviews and make use of the free trial that many transcription services provide to perform a test transcription using the kind of text you’ll be entering.

If there is a lot of professional jargon in your audio or video recordings, adding terms to the dictionary is a useful tool available in certain transcription applications for iOS and Android. In order to allow you to fix any errors in the text, many apps also come with an integrated editor. As you shop, keep an eye out for these characteristics.

Types of Files

An additional crucial factor is the file formats that a transcribing software exports. Common formats are Word documents, TXT (Text File), and SRT (SubRip Subtitle File).

If you’re utilizing transcripts to add subtitles to audio or video material, you’ll need an SRT file. If your transcription software lacks an editor and you need to change the transcript before uploading, you should use a TXT file. Otherwise, SRT files might be more difficult to edit. After that, you may convert it to SRT using internet resources.

Word is most suited for transcribing lecture notes, interviews, or meetings.

Naturally, it’s best to choose a flexible transcribing program that exports to a variety of file formats.


It doesn’t take long to read reviews to realize that certain applications are faster than others at transcribing audio and video.

It’s a good idea to test out this additional function using the free trial that many applications provide. Find an app that can finish transcription in a matter of minutes.

Pre-recorded versus live

As previously indicated, certain transcription applications support both recorded and live audio and video. Look for an app that can transcribe live material if you want to transcribe meetings or interviews in real-time or if you want to narrate your ideas while on the go and store them as text.

You might want to consider a speech-to-text software if your main intention is to record in real time.

Spending Plan

Finally, when purchasing, remember to stick to your budget, just like you would with any goods.

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Many iOS and Android transcription applications provide additional functionality for a fee in addition to basic transcription. The removal of filler words like “like” and “um” is a popular one. See if that feature is worth the money.

We advise staying away from free transcribing programs if at all possible because the most of them are infamously wrong, unless you have the time to make the required adjustments. It’s advisable to look for an app that provides a free trial and enables you select between a reasonably priced monthly or annual membership.

Remember that most applications provide yearly members with a discount.

The 8 Best Audio and Video Transcription Apps of 2023

We’ve put up a list of the top audio and video transcription applications for iOS and Android in 2023 now that you know what to search for.

1. Riverside

An all-in-one tool for recording, editing, and transcribing audio and video, Riverside is perfect for any artist looking to generate high-quality work.

We utilize Whisper, an open-source speech-to-text tool from Open AI, for our transcriptions. Having been trained on 680,000 hours of varied, multilingual, internet data, Whisper generates some of the most accurate transcripts out there. It provides unparalleled precision, even across a wide range of languages. Actually, you may transcribe in more than 100 languages using Riverside.

For the optimal viewing experience, Riverside’s transcripts distinguish between speakers and provide timestamps. Additionally, you can simply alter text in our text-based video editor to edit your films by using our transcripts. Transcripts may also be burned into video captions inside the editor.

We tackle the fundamental issue of transcript inaccuracy, which is the audio quality of the recording. You may record 48 kHz audio in lossless, uncompressed format with Riverside. Additionally, we use your computer to locally capture material rather than the internet. That means the quality of your recording won’t be impacted by an unstable internet connection.

The audio produced by that recording technique is so clear that the artificial intelligence technology used in transcription software has no problem comprehending words and differentiating between speakers.

2. Transkriptor

Transkriptor is a straightforward, reasonably priced recording and transcription tool that provides transcriptions in 21 languages, both live and pre-recorded. It supports multi-speaker audio and video files and lets you edit transcripts right within the software.

With a two-month free trial, this is a great transcribing program for PCs, Macs, or mobile devices. The firm provides subscriptions for individuals, small teams, and enterprises.


With good reason, is among the most well-liked applications for transcribing audio and video. Aside from its reputation as one of the most accurate applications available, it also transcribes both recorded and live information. Additionally, it can recognize a variety of dialects, edit transcripts to remove errors, and even summarize your content for you.

Additionally, it has a function called Otter Assistant, which is a bot that can record and join meetings in your absence. Greetings from the future.

4. Rev

Another well-known name in the transcribing industry is Rev. Although it was founded in 2010, the business solely provided human transcribing services up until recently. It’s now convenient to get an automatic audio transcription for $0.25 per minute or pay $29.99 per month for a Rev Max subscription.

Rev Voice Recorder & Memos for iOS and Rev Audio & Voice Recorder for Android are good options if you want to use the transcriber on the go. Don’t be misled by the titles; the program can import and transcribe existing audio files in addition to recording new ones.

The firm claims to have a 5-minute turnaround time and over 90% accuracy. Also, a two-week free trial is available.

5. Transcribe – Speech to Text

An iPhone software called Transcribe – Speech to Text may be used to transcrib both audio and video. It has an easy-to-use interface and supports importing files from a number of programs, including Dropbox.

Downloading the software is free, however paying for file transcription is required. Only raw text transcripts may be exported if you pay per the hour. SRT, TXT, PDF, and Word files may all be exported with a membership.


In 104 languages, can transcribe audio and video for the web and mobile devices. Transcripts are synchronized with your online account immediately, allowing you to view them from any device. Transcripts may also be easily exported to Slack or Google Drive.

It can identify speakers, transcribe live meetings or pre-recorded files, and add custom terminology with a premium subscription.

7. Temi

Temi is owned by the same firm as Rev, although it does not provide human transcribing services or an automatic transcription service subscription as Rev does. Only minute payments are accepted.

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With Temi, users may export transcripts as an SRT, PDF, or Word document and input files of any sort.

Although it claims to be 90–95% accurate, in actual testing it only manages to achieve that level when audio recording is almost flawless.

8. Revoldiv

A brand-new platform called Revoldiv is designed with podcasters and other content creators in mind. It’s an app for transcribing as well as a social network. Users may share their projects, provide comments on the work of other producers, and transcribe pre-recorded audio and video files in 100 different languages.

Revoldive use Whisper to generate precise transcriptions, just like Riverside. Users of Revoldiv can export in numerous formats, add timestamps to specific words, and remove text in transcripts to remove extraneous sounds, such as filler words. At the moment, it is just browser-based and compatible with PCs and smartphones.

Top Transcription Apps Sorted by Type

The best software for transcribing videos

The greatest app for transcribing videos is called Riverside.

Recording, editing, and transcription are all part of the production process that you can manage with Riverside, including the quality of your audio and video. because 48 kHz audio recorded at Riverside is lossless and uncompressed. You don’t have to be concerned about garbled audio or incorrect transcripts because the quality of the recordings is unaffected by your internet connection.

The greatest thing, though? Riverside allows you to record for as long as you like, in contrast to all the other transcription apps that are discussed in this post.

Android’s best transcribing app is the optimal Android transcription app. Otter is a precise, easy-to-use tool for transcribing audio and video that provides a substantial amount of transcription minutes every week at a reasonable cost. You may browse through its transcripts, go to a certain word or phrase in your tape, and it does a great job at handling accents other than American.

It even includes a bot that can attend online meetings for you, record them, and then transcribe them.

Top software for transcribing videos

Transkriptor is the greatest program for transcribing videos. Transkriptor creates transcripts that are up to 99% accurate by utilizing cutting-edge AI technology. Moreover, it has an integrated editor that lets you correct minor errors.

Best app for transcribing audio

For audio transcription, Rev is the finest app. Although its website isn’t the most user-friendly and its automatic transcribing service is still in its infancy, its excellent transcripts speak for itself.

The community of content creators already uses Rev. If and when the business incorporates video transcription, the program is probably going to gain much more traction.

Best app for free transcribing and Revoldiv are the greatest free applications for transcribing audio and video.

Both applications are free and properly transcribe audio and video recordings using a new AI technology called Whisper. It is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to transform spoken into written text and excels at transcription of recordings with strong accents or technical jargon.
FAQs Regarding Transcribing Apps

Is there a video transcription app?

These days, there are a lot of video transcription applications available on the market; Riverside is the greatest one. Its browser-based software or iOS/Android app allows you to quickly and accurately write a transcript of any video.

The transcription software from Riverside can even distinguish between distinct speakers and eliminate background noise. You may export your transcript as a TXT or SRT file once it’s ready.

Visit to create an account right now.

How can text from a video be transcribed?

Simply submit the video to a text transcription software, such as Riverside, and then relax while the app’s AI intelligence generates your transcript. The text file may be downloaded in a matter of minutes.

How can I get a free audio transcription?

Using Revoldiv to upload your audio file is the most effective technique to get free transcription services. This cutting-edge software is only available for free since it is still in its infancy; its transcript accuracy is comparable to that of some of the priciest platforms available.

Revoldiv allows you to export files in several formats and generates transcripts in virtually real time.

Can I use my phone to transcribe?

The majority of transcribing software comes with a mobile app that allows you to finish the procedure all on your phone. Specifically, Rev and are recommended.

Better still, have a look at Riverside if you have access to a computer. Using the Riverside mobile app, you may record and transcribe audio or video. Later, on a computer, you can download transcripts from your online Riverside studio.

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