Top 20 BEST Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Services of 2023

You will need good Minecraft server hosting providers whether you are only playing Minecraft with friends or running a large online community. With the right hosting, your multiplayer sessions can be enjoyed without delay, but also the achievements of your game are protected with additional security and frequent backups. See our list and choose the hosting that best suits your budget and needs.

What is a Minecraft Hosting

A Minecraft Hosting offers server hardware to play Minecraft game. You can also host your Minecraft virtual server which will help you to play this game with anybody you want.

20 BEST Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Services

1. Apex Hosting

Another Minecraft hosting company is Apex Hosting. They offer dedicated hardware, such as high-speed CPUs and solid-state drives (SSDs). High TPS and lag-free servers are also available on the website.

2. BisectHosting

BisectHosting is a provider of dedicated Minecraft server hosting. They provide the best hosting at a reasonable price. For those looking for a large and fast server, this hosting site provider offers dedicated servers and VPS.

3. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is another popular Minecraft hosting provider. Hosting the games and providing setup for a number of games are very experienced. The Java and Bedrock game versions of the Minecraft game are supported. All modpacks, unlimited NVMe SSD stores and bandwidth are provided with instant setup. Full FTP access is also available.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a user-friendly and secure web hosting service. It provides one-click setup and access to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). As soon as you register and pay for an account, you will have an up and running server.

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5. Sparkedhost

Sparkedhost is a hosting service provider offering reliable hosting services to Minecraft. They are also providing different types of Minecraft services for different user categories including budget, company and extreme hosting plans.

6. ScalaCube

ScalaCube is a Minecraft game hosting portal that enables for rapid setup with only one click. It comes with a management panel that allows you to create an unlimited number of game servers with an unlimited number of slots on a single VPS server.

7. Nodecraft

Nodecraft provides high-performance hardware Minecraft Server Hosting services. It offers Minecraft modded server hosting, module and plugin installation, configurations change etc.

8. MCProhosting

MCProHosting can host Java (the original version) or Bedrock (the mobile version) on their servers. This modded minecraft server hosting employs a bespoke multicraft control panel that lets you manage your server from a web browser. It entails administering the console, installing various server kinds, and editing and uploading files, among other things.

9. ServerMiner

Another popular Minecraft server hosting service is ServerMiner. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on hosting, this is the option for you. It is the best-hosting platform for newcomers and novice game players to test.

10. CubedHost

CubedHost is a company that offers high-performance game server hosting services. It provides a simple yet powerful platform that can be set up in seconds. It has an easy to use control panel. It will allow you to switch between Minecraft versions, install plugins, and Modpacks.

11. BeastNode

BeastNode is an advanced game player Minecraft server hosting system. This site has a dedicated IP number that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. SSD can be used so that Minecraft is played without delay.

12. Fluctis

Fluctis is a provider of hosting services that allows you to choose a Minecraft plan for your business. For the best possible connection reliability and quality it offers a lot of service places close to your area.

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13. WitherNode

Withernode is a provider of Minecraft server hosting which offers a wide selection of price plans according to your hosting needs. DDOS protection is provided daily.

14. Anvil Node

Anvilnode is one of Minecraft Multiplayer’s famous hosting providers. These include free Enjin, Buycraft and Minetrends trials all of their plans.

15. HostHavoc

HostHavoc provides one of the best Hosting Services for Minecraft throughout Europe, Australia and the United States. It uses SSD for faster performance and fast loading of its Minecraft server.

16. The Minecraft hosting

Minecraft hosting is a Minecraft server hosting website that offers a variety of hosting solutions based on your budget, location, and usage. DDoS protection is also included in all of their services.

17. GTX Gaming

Minecraft Game Server Hosting for PC is known as GTX gaming. Their Minecraft gaming network has been carefully built and selected. They feature a well-designed mobile control interface that makes administering your service a breeze.

18. PebbleHost

PebbleHost is a low-cost Minecraft hosting company that supports Java 8 and 11. You’ll have access to discord support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as enterprise hardware and unlimited storage. It has plans for users on a tight budget, large servers, Modpacks, or public servers, as well as those who demand unmatched performance.

19. GG Server

GG Servers is a web and game hosting service that offers servers for a variety of games, including Minecraft. GG server is one of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting providers that offers high-performance specifications on their game servers and has a nice spread of nine data center locations throughout the world.

20. Minecraft Worlds

Minecraft Worlds is a Minecraft Server Hosting service provider in North America and Europe. It has been offering these services since 2012. Its data centre is safe and secure, with advanced DDoS Mitigation.


We hope that this article has provided you with the necessary knowledge about the best cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Services.

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