How To link Items In Apps With Hookmark In 2024

How To link Items In Apps With Hookmark will be discussed in this article. Have you ever wondered why virtually all apps have a right-click menu for copying and pasting text or picture segments, but not for linking? The purpose of Hookmark is to give the linking of items within apps a user interface. You may link emails, tasks, notes, locations in your PDFs, and more using this software.

How To link Items In Apps With Hookmark In 2024

In this article, you can know about How To link Items In Apps With Hookmark here are the details below;

In an app that supports Hookmark, prompt the object and generate a link. Then, copy and the paste the link wherever you need it, such as in documents or notes. You can also link items bidirectionally.

We’ll walk you through the process of utilizing Hookmark to link things in different apps in this post.

Apps you can use Hookmark with

First, let’s look at the list of Setapp programs that you can use with Hookmark.

  • Extensive time-tracking tool featuring useful graphs, charts, and other statistics regarding your Mac app usage.
  • Nitro Word Processing Pro. This flexible PDF handler completes all of your tasks with PDFs, including generating new documents and signing and safeguarding them.
  • This idea visualizer aids in organizing and breaking down your project into digestible pieces.
  • Mental Node. This sophisticated mapping application for Mac and iPhone makes it simple to the manage your to-do list, project ideas, and plans.
  • Well Done. To help you remain on top of your daily schedule, the assistant app syncs reminders with your to-do list.
  • Simple text task manager that only has the features you need to boost your productivity.
  • Make a NotePlan. Notes, lists, tasks, calendars, and journaling… With NotePlan, all of this can be controlled in one location but across several devices.
  • You can handle files on your Mac like a pro with this Finder on steroids. Easily move, copy, and sync data between locations with this convenient overview of the folder hierarchy on your device.
  • Is your Mac losing files frequently? Then you should use this file spotter. You’re sure to find the exact file you’re searching for thanks to its robust search feature set that includes numerous search criteria!
  • Trick-ster. Your recently used files will be saved for quick access in the future thanks to our clever menu bar assistance.
  • Code Manager. Write, execute, and debug with this tool—it might be the reliable code editor you’ve been searching for!
  • To help you see what you get, this live markdown previewer integrates with your text editing software.
  • Notes on the Side. With the aid of this program, you can maintain your notes open on the side of your screen.

How to use Hookmark

Hookmark can be opened by clicking its menu bar icon or the using  keyboard shortcut.

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How to use Hookmark

Control + H is the key combination to launch the application.

When you launch the application, it will recognize what is in your active window (a text selection you made in a PDF, file, or note, for example) and offer to link to it or hook it to another window elsewhere.

Let’s begin with the most fundamental Hookmark action.

Let’s say we need to include a reference in our notes that we used. We can copy a link to an object using Hookmark and add it to a document.

There are just two steps in the process:

  1. To use Hookmark, choose the desired file or object, then copy the link:Open Hookmark, then copy the URL.

Select the file or item you want, invoke Hookmark, and copy the link

  1. Let’s get a bit more complicated now and tie everything together. In Hookmark, “hooking” refers to the process of joining two items so that they are bidirectionally linked.

Paste the link into your document

This is how you do it:

  1. To hook an object, choose it, launch Hookmark, and then click Hook to New.connecting two objects

Select the item you want to hook, invoke Hookmark, and click Hook to New

  1. To link the second item, select it, launch Hookmark, and then click Hook to Copied Link.Hook for Copyrighted URL

Select the second item you want to link, invoke Hookmark, and click Hook to Copied Link

When you use Hookmark to access your bookmark on a connected object, it appears like this:

This is what your bookmark looks like in Hookmark when you invoke it on the connected item

Using Hookmark with apps on Setapp

To see everything you’ve made or connected, simply launch Hookmark and select the magnifying glass icon located on the right. Your entire bookmarks list will be displayed to you:

However, how may Hookmark be utilized with Setapp compliant apps? Let’s examine a few instances.

One well-liked tool for tying your calendar to tasks and notes is NotePlan. It makes keeping track of your to-do list and scheduling easy.

You might need to consult files, emails, or other items in your calendar notes if you are taking notes on a meeting, project, or planning a work trip.

You can quickly link items to your NotePlan note by using Hookmark.

In order to complete our homework, we located the image we needed to link to in our note using the file finder HoudahSpot:

Using Hookmark with apps on Setapp

We then opened the note we were working on and connected it to our picture file’s URL:

Next, we opened the note we were working on, and hooked it to the link to our photo file

And that’s it! The bookmark in Hookmark is as follows:

That’s it! Here is the bookmark in Hookmark

And this is how we linked the time tracker Timing to our MindNode mapping of an impending road trip.

Initially, we asked Hookmark to duplicate the URL to our MindNode file:

First, we prompted Hookmark to copy the link to our MindNode file

Next, we asked Hookmark to hook to the copied URL by opening Timing:

Next, we opened Timing and prompted Hookmark to hook to copied link

All we have to do now is ask Hookmark to appear in our MindNode file and double-click on the connection in order to see our activity in Timing:

Now, to view our activities in Timing, all we need to do is prompt Hookmark when in our MindNode file and double-click on the connection

It also functions in the opposite manner, allowing us to quickly retrieve our MindNode note by prompting Hookmark on the linked project (or All Activities in our example) in Timing:

 prompt Hookmark on the connected project

And that was all. Connect your emails, notes, files, folders, photos, and even locations inside PDFs so you never have to search around your Mac again. You just have to look once when you hook items together with Hookmark.

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You can create note in SideNotes and attach it to a file, website, or specific app. Hookmark will be used to save these links. You can access these links by accessing Hookmark each time you open your note once you’ve created them.

Let’s now examine how to create a SideNotes link to a note. Here is an example note for a current theme we are developing:

For easy access, we’d want to link it to the Creating Themes article now. To access Hookmark, press Control + H. We can now observe that the Hookmark app displays the website’s title. Clicking on the second icon next to the website title allows us to copy a Hookmark link.

Now, let’s look at how to create a link to a note in SideNotes. Here’s a sample note for a theme we’re working on

Next, we return to our message and link it to the online version. We must open the note and select the third Hookmark icon in order to accomplish this. The website and our note will then be connected after this.

Now we’d like to link it to the Creating Themes article for a quick reference

In this manner, you can include more links in your note to quickly access a variety of resources.

Final thoughts

You frequently browse through files on your Mac, use your planner and calendar apps, do online research, and come up with ideas whether you are organizing a project, keeping track of your calendar, or brainstorming. It’s a lot of effort, and at Setapp, we understand how important it is to automate repetitive operations. For that, Hookmark is a vital tool. Also check How To Delete App From Mac 

With Hookmark, you can link between items in different apps or to locations in your Finder, organize your notes with helpful references, and connect to particular objects or locations in your PDFs. This program is meant to make finding information simple and painless, eliminating the need to look up something more than once.

Better yet, you can send links to friends and coworkers who use Hookmark and have the file in question on their Macs as well. This allows you to connect your files and projects to an invisible network on your Mac (for example, through synced shared folders). It might also be a note or an email.

Check out these programs that work with Hookmark: Timing, Nitro PDF Pro, iThoughtsX, MindNode & the GoodTask, TaskPaper, NotePlan, Path Finder, HoudahSpot & the Trickster, CodeRunner, Marked, and SideNotes. You can also try Hookmark on Setapp.

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