10 Best Free QR Code Generators (Scanners) Online

QR codes can be found in a small shop, a restaurant, a street, a bar, or anywhere else. It’s been on the market for a long time, yet just a small percentage of people buy it. It is currently widely used by companies of all sizes.

During and after the epidemic, the number of people who knew about QR codes increased. So, this simple tool will never look back because it is a helpful and necessary means to instantly communicate information.

If you need assistance deciding which one to use, we’ve produced a list of the best free QR code generators or scanners you should be aware of.

What is QR Code?

QR is a code word for “quick response.” It is a two-dimensional symbol that contains information about an object. It can be used to describe, name, or locate anything. QR code can also communicate with webpages and apps.

It is simple to read since it is a square box with black squares and dots within that contain crucial information to display to others.

QR codes are organized into two types: static QR codes and dynamic QR codes. Static QR Codes are unchangeable and always carry the same information. Even if changeable QR codes can be updated, you can still make adjustments.

A static QR code is used for one-time marketing campaigns with a website URL attached. A changeable QR code, on the other hand, allows us to update or add information as needed.

Best QR Code Generators for Marketers and Businesses

Most online QR code generators allow you to make QR codes, although they currently have varying features and prices. To clarify everything, we created a fantastic free QR code generator.

1. Free-QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

Free QR Code Generator is one of the most helpful QR code generators on the market since it includes so many functions.

Depending on our requirements, it can generate both dynamic and static QR codes. It barely takes a minute to figure out what kind of QR code we require.

A video also demonstrates how to utilize the Free QR Code Generator . Also, the way it looks makes it simple to understand how it operates. Developing codes is a surprisingly simple procedure.

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2. ForQRCode


ForQRCode is a simple QR code generator for beginning users. You should acquire it. There, you’ll find everything you need to create a basic QR code or play with the colors of your brand.

Not only that, but it also provides free PayPal shopping and Bitcoin payments.

However, ForQRCode allows you to scan as many times as you like for free. Having this QR generator on hand is usually a good idea.

3. Beaconstac

QR Code Generator

Beaconstac is a town in North Carolina.Beaconstac QR code creator is the ideal option if you want to create QR codes fast and effortlessly using a reliable QR code generator or scanners.

It has a wide range of jobs and features. Beaconstac allows you to customize the QR code to match the image of your company.

It can also monitor how users behave, making it simple for the tool to suspect if a URL is phishing. This website tool is both functional and simple to use.



QRTIGER is comparable to Free QR Code Generator, and it even has some of the same features. We’ll go through some of QRTIGER’s additional features.

Most significantly, QRTIGER claims that their computers are operational 99% of the time and that all of their programs are stored on reputable sites such as Amazon AWS.

This QR code generator or scanner also allows you to make adjustments ranging from simple to complex. However, QRTIGER has aided 147 nations and 8.5 million businesses to far.

5. ZebraQR

QR Code Generator

If you operate a small bar or restaurant, ZebraQR is all you need to easily design a digital menu.

You can also use this data to generate a QR code. With so many QR designs, ZebraQR provides numerous color combinations to make things stand out.

Not all of the tool’s functions are free, but one of them is the QR generator. As a result, you are not required to pay for it.

6. QRStuff


QRStuff is a big free QR code generator used and trusted by companies like Ikea, Coca-Cola, and H&M.

A QR code may be created in less than a minute. It also includes information on the sort of information, how it appears, and what it says. Surprisingly, it contains almost 20 different sorts of information.

QRStuff is ideal for use on business cards, packaging, payments, and signage. However, a QR code can only hold a limited number of files and URLs. The only disadvantage is that.

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TEC-IT is the next most helpful QR code generator. The TEC-IT should be included since they provide free code generators and have fantastic services and are a terrific company.

The website provides QR code scanners for URLs, phone numbers, emails, events, and more. It is quite simple to use.

It may be run on a Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Another amazing feature is the high quality of its products.

8. QRCodeMonkey

QR Code Generator

QRCodeMonkey is another useful QR Code generator that allows you to generate, update, and monitor your codes all in one location.

This is an excellent tool since it is quick and simple to use. It also allows you to build custom styles, upload logo images, and establish names.

It is also possible to create and modify QR codes in mass. The tracking code is like any other tool in that it may be utilized. There is no additional charge for the website tool.

9. QR Planet

qr planet

Planet qrQR Planet is one of the top in the QR industry and has aided numerous businesses.

However, its QR code generator can generate QR codes in a variety of formats, including business cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, PDF codes, URL files, and so on.

The program also allows you to create QR codes with images and more than one at a time.

Some QR Planet features and sets are completely free. However, they have a ” Pro ” plan that provides you additional options.

10. Visualead

QR Code Generator

If you want visually appealing QR codes, go no further than Visualead. It is a market leader due to its simple design, color palette, and QR codes.

With the aid of our QR generator, you won’t have to worry about making different sorts of QR codes. As a result, codes for various occurrences are simple to remember. They already deal with over 500,000 businesses.

Visualead offers a 14-day free trial, however you may use all of its features without issue if you purchase.

Last Words:

So, these are the best QR code generators for beginners. Feel free to look at different generators if necessary. Which generator is ideal for you based on your needs? Leave your ideas in the comments section.

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