Top 15 Scores! 2011-12 Alternatives In 2024

Best Scores! 2011-12 Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Scores! 2011–12 is a platform for live game scores and sports results. It lets you look for the most recent results and upcoming matches by searching by sport, nation, competition, day, and date. All international sports have the most recent standings, live scores, and schedules available to fans. With synced scores and results, a breaking news feed, real-time scoring, push alerts, and comprehensive team standing tables complete with data, the app is suited for tablets and mobile devices.

It offers free push alerts for match events along with real-time sports statistics and results. Users are able to design custom sports results pages with it. You may create as many sports sites as you like, manage them, and add real-time match scores with this software. With direct TV access, live scores, sports films, highlights, and news about players, teams, and organizations, it offers an improved sports viewing experience.

Top 15 Scores! 2011-12 Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Scores! 2011-12 Alternatives here are the details below;

#1 is a free and accessible resource for keeping track of all sports outcomes, including real-time scores for players, teams, and games. It has plenty of information to keep you up to date whether or not you are a football fan. It is a platform for keeping track of all sporting events and real-time game scores. It is the only sports website in the world with comprehensive coverage of every sport. Depending on how important the match is, the forum looks through the best sources for each game (live, delayed, or on tape).

The most recent findings are accessible instantly and can be consulted in a variety of methods. The viewer has the option to view them by nation, team, or league. It also suggests several perspectives on the outcomes. The user has the opportunity to filter them based on competition (championships, friendly matches, official games), game duration (full time, extra time, or penalty shootout), time (recent or old), and outcome type (win or defeat).


For football fans, the most comprehensive and cost-free app is We will be able to track all of the Premier League &, Championship, National League, Serie A, & Ligue 1 match results with this app. It will also be able to play baseball, handball, basketball, tennis, and other sports. It’s a fresh approach to keep up with all the sporting events and real-time game scores.

It lets you keep track of the outcomes of your preferred teams and leagues in the major international soccer competitions, including the Copa America, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League & , La Liga & Serie A. You may follow all of the sports results and live game scores on this platform, which is the most well-known and expansive platform dedicated to sports. Get access to unique films, watch live football games, track the outcomes of all other sports, and find out how your team is performing. Now download the Soccerstand app.

#3 SofaScore live score

SofaScore live score

You may get the most recent sports results and live scores in real-time on the SofaScore live score platform. We have the outcomes you desire, regardless of your passion for ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, football, or any other sport. In addition to hundreds of competitions from around the globe, including games from European & the South American club competitions like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, & Recopa, its live score service provides real-time results and statistics from more than 70 football leagues and cups, such as the Premier League & Bundesliga, La Liga, & Serie A.

It enables you to view the most recent scores, news, and updates from your preferred teams right on your Windows device. Even each follower can have the optimal viewing experience with full-screen mode. It is the most effective method for tracking stats, live scores, and sports results. As a consequence, you may get the multiple recent football effects & live scores, first goals, red, yellow, and blue cards, among other information.


A portal for live game scores and sports results is Score tables, statistics, and rankings from across the globe are available here. The website aggregates football, handball, volleyball, basketball, and other sports event results from many cups, tournaments, and championships. It offers live football scores and results for the world’s main leagues; all of the recognized teams, clubs, and tournaments supply it.

Because it works with any device and any browser, it may be used on desktop and mobile devices. If a match isn’t on the schedule, it means it was played lately and isn’t in our database of live games. Nevertheless, our service allows you to check the score and get comprehensive information about both teams. The integrated video player provides the best possible view of the objectives and activities.



ESPN is a prominent source of sports programming, digital content, and sports news for millions of fans, many of whom are based outside of the US. To function and withstand the fierce rivalry in the industry, the company has a varied structure. It is available on four different platforms: mobile devices, the internet, radio, and television. The TV network produces and distributes shows on sports, sports news, analysis, and commentary. Every year, it shows roughly 100 live sporting events.

Weekly sports programming totaling several hundred hours is aired by over 4,100 radio affiliates. Its internet operations are focused on giving online viewers round-the-clock access to sports results, news, and information, with a special focus on the most significant events. It provides Spanish-speaking fans in the US and abroad with immediate access to breaking news and daily analysis. For up-to-date sports scores, expert commentary, and sports news, this is the place to go.

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#6 Game Screener

Game Screener

GameScreener is a portal that provides live games and sports outcomes. The website features video highlights, live scores, and a news section. It provides general sports news. It includes coverage of the biggest sporting events. It provides real-time live scores, statistics, news, and video highlights from the world’s most prominent leagues, including American football, basketball, tennis, and the Premier League & the, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and the Ligue 1.

It will be a fantastic site for you if you’re a fan of basketball, football, soccer, or if you’re a gamer and want to follow the best leagues. This is new ground for gamers. The platform for live game scores and sports outcomes was developed to provide players with more context for the games they are playing. It does more than just broadcast scores and results; instead, it delivers them to you in a way that makes sense and teaches you new things about your favorite player and team. Also check What Is Sportsurge


A platform for tracking all sports results and live game scores for any league or competition worldwide is It was created out of a desire to provide sports fans with a free, quick, easy, and intuitive way to obtain information. All of the world’s top league and competition statistics are updated, including those from English Premier League & the, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga & the, Spanish La Liga, FIFA, UEFA, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League.

Every minute, is updated with real-time scores from authoritative sources for every sporting event. Every match’s statistics, including lineups, cards, substitutions, and other details, are provided in addition to the results. You may watch live soccer matches, tennis matches, American and European football scores, and all Olympic results live. It’s a website that offers real-time sports scores and game results.


A non-profit website the called was developed as a rival to the several companies that have taken over the sports results market. It is a platform for keeping track of all sporting events and real-time game scores. A location to view all of your standings and the latest scores for the games you love. It is one of the most international websites of its kind in the world, with followers and unique users hailing from more than 200 nations.

This independent sports live score website offers real-time results and scores for all of the world’s biggest sporting events, including ice hockey, football, basketball, tennis, and more. Every day, it provides a live score service for over 10,000 contests and matches. It is the first platform to track live scores in real-time and all sports results. With direct TV connections, live scores, sports videos, highlights, & news about teams, players, and organizations, it provides an improved sports viewing experience.


You can track all of the sports results and live game scores online with You may easily view the most recent standings and statistical information for your preferred clubs using this website. Additionally, Sportstats, a website devoted to sports enthusiasts, allows you to follow live events with sports live scores and compare teams and players. It is devoted to providing real-time game scores and all sports outcomes. This website allows you to follow your favorite sports; it has been organized by country and sport to provide you with the information you need.

It will give you all the points you require about the outcomes of the games you enjoy. With the real-time information it provides, you won’t miss anything significant about the sports you love. It is a sports publication that disseminates sports data. It provides a quick and easy way to obtain the scores for any sporting event. The best sports news and live scores are available for you to follow.

#10 NowGoal


With NowGoal, you can track the real-time scores, statistics, and outcomes of all contests. With the most intuitive UI, it is the most sophisticated live score service available. It is the ideal partner for all of your sporting activities because of its strong features and simplicity of use. It may be accessed on multiple platforms, such as Android, iPhone, and desktop. It includes a huge variety of leagues and tournaments, so you’ll never miss your preferred match.

Thanks to a specialized API and an online tool, managing your results as the administrator of a club or website can be made easier. It is the quickest and most straightforward method for keeping track of sports competition and game results. It provides a distinctive array of functions, including live match and competition results, team profiles, league tables and standings, player and goal scoring rankings for the top 10 or top 100, and biographies of the best football players, among other things. Also check sportmargin

#11 FlashScore


With FlashScore, you can access nearly 38 different sports’ worth of knowledge and information at any time on your smartphones or tablets. FlashScore is a fantastic result that FlashScore Inc. released onto the market. It offers one of the most reliable ways to quickly obtain the correct information on a wide variety of sports. You can choose players, teams, or your most probable matches from among the 6000+ rivalries on the app.

You may discover updates on nearly thirty different sports, including tennis & the football, hockey, rugby, and cricket, thanks to its extensive coverage. You can track over 1.2k football matches with the Flash Score app, which protects over 6K competitions worldwide. You may get the most recent match statistics, lineups, goals, and all the essential information about the ongoing game with its sophisticated and user-friendly notification and alert system. You have to pick the most likely candidates for you and then wait for your phones to notify you of everything.

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The FlashScore app provides line-ups and head-to-heads, live commentary, live tables, match reviews, and recaps, among other things. Thus, all you need to do is download FlashScore to your phone and enable push notifications to learn everything there is to know about your most valued or significant match moments.


With, you can access all the sports apps you need to stay up to date on the latest happenings in your league and game, as well as get breaking news and maybe the fastest live football scores directly into your pocket. A product only available on, it offers the most recent news, real-time goals, notifications, transfers, cards, information on top players and teams, head-to-head statistics, and much more.

To learn everything you’re interested in, the app offers unique match statistics directly to your phone. The app offers a plethora of match-related content, including goal alerts, transfer rumors, match statistics, and in-depth sports articles. You may explore an extensive database of information on objectives and breaking news items with the Around the Clock News tool.

With the help of the app, you may be the first to obtain transfer news from the top online sources. The app offers international coverage of leagues like Ligue 1, English Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Serie A, and more.

Also included are copious line-up statistics, real-time written commentary, tables, fixtures, and more. Additionally, it offers head-to-head statistics so you can examine how the prospective competitors have fared against one another. Thus, get the app from the Play Store to take advantage of breaking news and real-time match data directly on your smartphones.

#13 FotMob


With regard to your favorite matches in the most probable leagues, FotMob delivers live match summaries, live scores, match analysis, stats, news, fixtures, and a plethora of other information. Soccer Scores: NorApps AS Inc. created a fantastic platform called FotMob that gives you access to nearly all the essential information, narratives, scores, and data about the matches you love to watch on television.

You can follow your most likely players and teams with ease thanks to the personalized news and customized notifications provided by FotMob – Scores, Video Highlights, and News App. You may take advantage of lightning-fast competition updates and never miss the pivotal gaming moments.

Push alerts for the players and teams you are most likely to play for can also be customized. You may enjoy live scores, TV schedules, pre-match analysis, live text commentary, tailored news content, & a wealth of other useful match-related information with the Fot Mob App – Soccer Scores app.

In addition to many other leagues, this elegant software features over 200 rivalries from the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, USL, EFL, Scottish Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Nations League, The Championships, Liga MX, and FA Women’s Super League. You can get instant match updates, breaking news, official highlights, and more on one platform with the Fot Mob – Scores, Video Highlights, and News app.

#14 LiveScore: Live Sport Updates


With LiveScore: Live Sport Updates, sports fans can stay up to speed on the most recent scores and live action directly on their smartphones and tablets. The app has a beautiful interface. A cutting-edge technology created for the market by LiveScore Ltd., LiveScore: Football Scores & Sports News allows all sports fans worldwide to keep ahead of the action at all times and from any location.

With the app, you can follow the action in real time, keep tabs on match-related events, get head-to-head records, team lineups, breaking news, and all the essential features. Everything you need is available in one location with the LiveScore: Live Sport Updates app, including cards, goals, overs, wickets, final results, and fixtures.

With the ball tracker component of the LiveScore app, you can watch pitches, stay up to date on breaking news, receive quick sports notifications, and get the fastest possible updates on scores and information about live events taking place all over the world.

You can search for and find your favorite competitions in the largest sports by tapping on the explore symbol. With the LiveScore: Football Scores and Sports News app, you can get all of the most exclusive sports news for major leagues and competitions, including the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, and numerous more important sports leagues.

#15 Forza Football

Forza Football

Developed and distributed by Forza Football Inc., Forza Football is perhaps one of the best football applications, with an exclusive gathering of over 5 million ardent football lovers worldwide. You can watch live scores of all the major league or international matches on your smartphones and tablets with the Forza Football – Soccer live scores and videos app.

With the Forza Football – Live & the Soccer Scores app, you can follow more than 420 of the world’s most well-known football leagues and view live scores, match highlights, and football news. This software is the best available; it offers live matches, football highlights, team information, and access to all the interesting leagues worldwide.

It provides you with fast access to video highlights of matches being played worldwide and ensures that you never miss any important match updates including lineups and team news. The best app for getting exclusive news on women’s football, including the Summer World Cup & the is Forza Football – Soccer live Scores & Videos.

More than 400 football leagues are covered by the program, which also offers an immediate altering system, pre-match lineups and formations, fast live football updates, and live football scores sent directly to your smartphone. You may enjoy all of the major leagues, such as the UEFA Champions League & the Premier League, UEFA Nations League, La Liga & the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and many more, with Forza Football – Live Soccer Scores.

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