Top 11 Best Viggle Alternatives In 2023

Best Viggle Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Viggle is an app that allows you earn rewards while you watch TV shows on your mobile device. You can earn extra moments when you complete challenges and manage featured content on the application. As a user, you can redeem your earned points for various bonuses, including gift cards, merchandise, and even entries into sweepstakes.

The app also helps users to socialize by providing features that allow them to connect with their friends, share their check-ins on social media, and participate in fun in-app games and trivia challenges. Moreover, the app offers tailored suggestions for TV series and films that align with the user’s watching patterns and preferences.


  • Bonus points
  • Rewards
  • Social features
  • Content discovery

Top 11 Best Viggle Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Viggle Alternatives here are the details below;



TV-TWO is a platform that provides users access to different video content, such as TV shows and movies. It uses blockchain technology to enhance the user experience. On this platform, users can earn cryptocurrency simply by watching ads. You can use this digital currency to unlock exclusive content on the forum or exchange it for other types of digital currency. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for and navigate through.

2. CashPirate


CashPirate is an app that offers a variety of free games and quizzes that users can play to earn rewards. These rewards include both entertainment and monetary benefits, and there are no costs involved for the user. You can access a gaming library without any financial transactions. On this platform, you can earn real cash without spending any money by completing small tasks and playing fun, bite-sized games. The incentives offered are designed to be rewarding and easy to achieve. This is another Viggle Alternatives. Also check  Kekgg Alternatives

3. SuccessBux


SuccessBux is a website that rewards its members for participating in different online activities such as clicking on advertisements, completing surveys and offers, and watching videos. It operates on a paid-to-click (PTC) model, meaning members get paid for their participation. Our organization provides four different levels of membership: Standard, Pioneer, Bronze, and Elite. Other groups offer benefits like higher commission rates and more daily ad clicks. On the website, there is a forum where members can interact with each. This is another Viggle Alternatives.

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4. iRazoo


iRazoo is an online platform that rewards users for participating in surveys, watching videos, and engaging with various types of online content. You can access it using either your mobile device or a web browser. On the platform, different offer walls are available for users to engage with digital range and receive rewards. These rewards can be earned by completing tasks like signing up for a free trial or answering a survey. On iRazoo, you can earn rewards by watching.

5. PocketFlip


PocketFlip is an app that offers a wide spectrum of rewards, gift cards, and other perks for people who love getting free stuff. It’s perfect for those who enjoy receiving complimentary benefits. On this platform, you can earn bonuses for completing various tasks like watching videos, answering surveys, and reviewing apps. The interface of the system is designed in a way that makes it comfortable for users to navigate. Additionally, the rewards system is straightforward to comprehend. This is another Viggle Alternatives.

6. Zogo


Zogo is a mobile app designed to help people improve their financial literacy and learn practical money management skills. Many people consider this app to be the best in its category. This app offers easy-to-understand educational modules covering various financial topics, including financial planning, credit ratings, and investing. The platform for financial education uses a gamification approach to motivate users to finish lessons and quizzes. It is done by offering rewards for their efforts.

7. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is a website & mobile app that rewards users for completing activities like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online. When you participate in our surveys, you can earn rewards once you finish them. Our surveys cover various topics, including consumer products, politics, and the entertainment world. On the InboxDollars platform, you can earn rewards by watching short videos. Our platform offers a wide assortment of games for users to enjoy and earn rewards.

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8. App Trailers

App Trailers

App Trailers is an app that rewards users for watching trailers of various mobile apps and games. As a user, you can perform simple tasks and earn digital tokens to exchange for money. Users can earn points by watching previews of different mobile apps and games showcased on the App Trailers app. Using the application, you can earn bonus points by completing other tasks. These tasks include signing up for new apps or looking at a certain number of trailer… This is another Viggle Alternatives.

9. AppNana


AppNana is a portable app you can use on your IOS or Android device. By participating in mobile gaming activities, users can obtain gift cards. As an AppNana user, you can earn points by downloading and trying out different mobile apps available on the AppNana platform. Users can earn extra points by referring their friends to the application. Users will receive additional points when their friends sign up and download the app utilizing the referral link. This is another Viggle Alternatives.

10. ClipClaps


ClipClaps is a smartphone application that allows users to create, share, and watch short videos. Users who watch and engage with videos on the app receive Clapcoins as a reward. These Clapcoins can later be exchanged for money or gift cards. As a user, you have the option to create and share videos that are limited to a maximum duration of 60 seconds. On the app, users can play different mini-games to earn additional Clapcoins.

11. Zynn


On Zynn, users can create and share unique videos with their loved ones and even a wider audience. As a user, you can make and share videos limited to a maximum duration of 60 seconds. The app allows users to enhance their movies using various editing tools like filters, effects, and stickers. People can share content on different social media platforms, react to videos by liking or commenting, and keep track of other users by following them. This is another Viggle Alternatives.

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