How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger In 2023

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger will be described in this article. So, would you like to protect your personal information on social media? After that, you ought to quit Facebook Messenger and either deactivate or remove it. However, where does Facebook obtain its data? You might have believed the 2016 Cambridge Analytica humiliation. This UK-based data company was recruited by Donald Trump to obtain information from over 50 million Facebook users in order to rig the election results. Then, in 2018, it was located that Facebook was monitoring people’s actions and collecting their data by utilising its Onavo VPN software. The massive data breach revelations violate privacy laws and primarily affect children (ages 13–17). At last, they’ve withdrawn enough that they can obtain every last bit of information from its users.

How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger In 2023

In this article, you can know about How To Deactivate Facebook Messenger here are the details below;

To put it another way, the majority of individuals have ceased using Facebook altogether. If you believe that closing your Messenger account would automatically close your Facebook account, you are mistaken. Although Facebook owns both of these services, they are distinct entities. You might need to manually deactivate or delete your Messenger account in order to safeguard your privacy. In light of this, it’s only feasible if you’ve previously deleted your Facebook account. Furthermore, you must permanently erase both your Facebook account and Messenger in order to do so. So, how can Facebook Messenger be turned off? Below is a brief guide.

Why should you delete facebook messenger?

All of your personal information is contained in your Facebook Messenger. You give the app permission to view your contacts, microphones, and cameras when you install it. Are you using a private Facebook Messenger account? It is irrelevant. It also does poorly on the “secure messaging apps list.” It has access to everything you do on your phone and tablet, including what you do online. Furthermore, it does not encrypt your private conversations end-to-end. You can disable your access’s microphone and camera if you still wish to use Facebook or Messenger.

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How to deactivate facebook messenger?

Deactivating Facebook Messenger is a very easy process. There aren’t many steps involved. You must first remove or deactivate your Facebook account. Whether you want to permanently erase it or just deactivate it, you must, of course, take this first.

Deactivating facebook messenger on iPhone and iPad

The instructions below will let you disable Facebook Messenger on your iOS device.

  1. Get your device’s Messenger app open and log in.
  2. Select the avatar located in the upper left corner.
  3. To access Account Settings, scroll down.
  4. You’ll be redirected to a webpage. Navigate to Your Facebook Data.
  5. Select Account management and ownership.
  6. Press the Deactivation and Deletion buttons.
  7. You’ll see a new page telling you to first remove or deactivate your Facebook account. Make your choice. Messenger is the only app that is permanently erased when you delete your Facebook account. If not, select “Continue to deactivate account.”
  8. To verify, enter your password.
  9. Click “Submit.”

You can reinstate your account even after you’ve erased it entirely if you haven’t already. The next time you use Messenger, log in with the same username and password.

Deactivating messenger on android

It is not the same procedure as on iOS.

  1. Start your Android phone’s Messenger conversation.
  2. Tap on your silhouette photo in the upper left corner of Chats.
  3. Select Legal & Policies.
  4. Select “Deactivate Messenger.”
  5. Type your password here.
  6. Select “Submit.”

Use the same username & password to log in again to reactivate. But bear in mind that in order for this strategy to function, you must first deactivate Facebook. But that’s not accurate. Neither Macs nor PCs can complete the deactivation process. Only apps for tablets or mobile phones can be used for it. If you use a non-mobile device or misplace your phone, you can attempt to contact Facebook support. Asking them to cancel your Messenger account is another option. There is an alternative: You can hold off on deactivating Facebook Messenger on any device until Facebook updates its official documentation.

How to permanently delete Facebook messenger?

It was previously said that removing Messenger would require removing your Facebook account. Moreover, Messenger is not erased when Facebook is removed. You’re on your own to handle that. To remove your Facebook account, there are two methods. Let’s investigate how. Also check How to Remove Contacts from Messenger

  1. Go into Facebook and log in.
  2. Select the trio of vertical lines located in the upper right corner.
  3. How to Install the Xfinity App Navigate
  4. Select Account Ownership and Control after locating Your Facebook Information by scrolling down.
  5. Decide between deletion and deactivation.
  6. Click Proceed to Account Deletion after selecting Delete Account.
  7. Give a justification for your action, then click to proceed.
  8. Enter your password and press the Next button.
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Now that you have deleted Facebook, you may use the identical procedures we discussed before to remove your Messenger account. The truth is that by deleting both, you’re eliminating all of their posts, images, videos, and social network data as well. Protect your online social life, then. You can save posts and images from Facebook to your phone or tablet before deleting it. You cannot get them back in any other way.

Is there a way to turn your messenger Notifications?

It is not your intention to remove or deactivate Facebook Messenger. In no way. Lastly, if you’re annoyed with Messenger notifications, you can disable them. If you would prefer that no one see your workout status, you can also hide it.

  1. Click on your silhouette photo in the upper left corner of the chat window.
  2. Select “Active Status.”
  3. If the switch indicates that you are inactive, flip it off.
  4. Now turn over.
  5. Select Sounds & Notifications.
  6. Select “Do Not Disturb.” As a result, Messenger won’t send you any notifications. Additionally, you can individually adjust its settings, such as turning off the vibration, ringtone, and notification sound.


Avoid using social media to safeguard and conceal your personal information from those that wish to observe what you do. The first step is to remove Facebook and its Messenger app. However, it doesn’t seem possible in the modern world. Even though it won’t be simple for you to leave Facebook, you can still do so. Your posts and images will vanish for a maximum of ninety days following the deletion of your account. However, that isn’t the sole issue. On their wall, there are still some photos of you and your pal. You should get in touch with the person and request that they remove those. The messages you sent your friends are still visible in their chat as an added benefit. Thus, exercise caution when sharing your data on social media.

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