Top 10 Best AI Tools For Marketing In 2024

Best AI Tools For Marketing will be described in this article. Supercharge your marketing campaigns and drive exceptional results with these game-changing AI tools for marketing in 2023. In a world where AI tool is revolutionizing every industry, why not leverage its potential to supercharge your marketing strategy?

Top 10 Best AI Tools For Marketing In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best AI Tools For Marketing here are the details  below;

Explore innovative AI marketing tools that empower you to deliver personalized content, optimize timing, measure impact, and achieve outstanding results. Get ready to embrace the future of the digital marketing and unlock the potential of AI technology with these best AI tools for marketing.

Best AI Tools for Marketing

Let’s have a quick tour to the comparison chart of best AI marketing tools before moving to the detail review,

AI has already enriched the digital marketing field, and 17% of marketers are implementing AI. Others are learning about it.

So, take action and embrace the power of artificial intelligence to automate your marketing tasks.

Here, I have highlighted some of the best AI tools for marketing to help you scale up your marketing game.

Let’s check and adopt!

1. Chatgpt


ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an all-in-one AI tool that uses advanced natural & the language processing (NLP) technology to converse with humans. Along with this, ChatGPT is a groundbreaking AI marketing tool that changes the way businesses connect with target audiences.

ChatGPT empowers users to generate intelligent and personalized content tailored for marketing purposes. With ChatGPT, marketers can gain valuable business ideas, extract data insights, and create engaging copy that drives results.

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These features may result in better customer experience, increase sales and stay ahead in an AI-driven market.

Key Features

ChatGPT offers the following key features:

➡ ChatGPT uses NLP to understand & the interpret user inputs, enabling it to generate relevant and contextually appropriate responses.

➡ Support multi-language systems to communicate in various languages.

➡ Excels in generating intelligent and personalized conversations with customers.

➡ It can analyze customer input and generate valuable data insights based on the provided information. Marketers can then leverage these insights to make informed decisions and take actionable steps in their marketing strategies.

➡ Capture user intent, quality leads, and guide them through the customer journey map, maximizing sales opportunities.


  • It generates personalized marketing copies, video scripts, social media platforms posts like Facebook messenger posts, promotional ideas, content topics, keyword research, and many more creative things.
  • You can save hours of research time with the help of ChatGPT.
  • It can answer all the most frequent SEO questions, which is fantastic.


  • Its generative capabilities may occasionally produce responses that are inaccurate as it only has access to data till 2021 at the moment.

2. Drift


Drift is an artificial intelligence marketing tool. It enables your businesses to engage in interactive and meaningful conversations with their customers through intelligent chat functionality.

Additionally, Drift provides actionable insights and intent scores, empowering marketers to make informed decisions and take strategic actions based on customer interactions.

It cuts the burden on sales teams and fastens the marketing process.

Key Features

Drift offers the following key features:

➡ Drift offers a free live chat management tool for businesses.

➡ Offers a conversations inbox as a separate tab or through a desktop application.

➡ Enables the integration of customer data from external systems.

➡ Uses stored data to create Playbooks, targeted email, and chat messages for marketing campaigns.


  • Increased Productivity
  • Intriguing Integrations
  • Distinctive Playbook Function
  • Lead generation and productivity features


  • Too Expensive
  • Doesn’t support multiple teams except for enterprise plan.

3. Jasper


Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis AI) is a powerful copywriting tool that leverages competitive artificial intelligence to assist in content creation.

Jasper works everywhere on the internet if you install its extension and keep it running. You can even use its API and bring Jasper into your platforms. It can also scan websites to learn about their online brand reputation management and adapt. Cool, right? Also check Call Recording Applications

It is an excellent option if you want to start a blog website.

Key Features

Jasper offers the following key features:

➡ Jasper’s AI system uses multiple language models and combines them with recent data to generate unique content

➡ Allows collaboration on projects

➡ Allows to set different tones for different types of content

➡ Ensures the security of your data with up-to-date security protocols


  • You can train Jasper to create content in your brand voice, tone, and style.
  • You can write content in 25+ languages using this AI writing tool.
  • Jasper can create custom, royalty-free AI-generated images.
  • Jasper has a Google Docs-style editor, so almost everyone will be familiar with it.


  • Repetition of words in the generated content caught my eye.
  • The facts shared by the AI may not always be correct.
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You can check out our list of the best AI tools for developers if you are interested in software or web development.

4. Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI-based copywriting tool for marketing content writing.

It uses machine learning algorithms to generate various types of the content, such as the social media posts, product descriptions, ad copy, and more.

The tool uses natural language & the processing (NLP) to the analyze input text and generate new content based on the context and tone of the input.

Key Features

CopyAI offers the following key features:

➡ Copy generation for various marketing purposes

➡ Wide range of industry-specific templates

➡ Tone customization

➡ Copy AI introduced a Chatbot as an alternative to ChatGPT. It provides you with up-to-date data regarding anything so you can use it for your business-related research work.


  • Offers different types of writing tools to write different content.
  • You’ll get a variety of output options to choose from.
  • Easy content creation process.
  • With the help of Chat by Copy AI, you can reduce a lot of your research time.


  • Not up to the mark to generate the best SEO content
  • Allows you to generate only 2000 free words per month

5. Ocoya


Ocoya is one of the AI-powered tools. It is designed to help businesses create and schedule social media content (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) quickly and easily.

Ocoya provides a comprehensive social media marketing (SMM) and content creation solution. To provide such facilities, it offers a variety of features, such as auto-generated text, real-time analytics, and thousands of image and video templates.

Key Features

Ocoya offers the following key features:

➡ You can integrate your Shopify or WooCommerce shop and create professional-looking graphics for marketing your products.

➡ You can schedule posts to publish on social media platforms.

➡ You can put it on autopilot via API for non-stop content creation.

➡ It offers real-time performance analytics and SEO recommendations.

➡ It provides over 10+ integrations, 1000+ images and GIFs, 10,000+ templates, and an easy-to-use editor.


  • Graphic design, AI copywriting, and content scheduling features in one platform.
  • AI-generated text saves time and resources.
  • Real-time analytics allow for data-driven decision-making.
  • The autopilot feature allows for non-stop content creation without any effort from your side.
  • A large selection of templates and integrations makes content creation easy.


  • Limited integration options

6. SurferSEO


Surfer SEO is one of the leading artificial intelligence marketing tools focused on SEO. It goes beyond analyzing search engine rankings and comparing users’ content to highly-ranked pages for specific keywords. It provides insights on improving the user’s content to rank higher in the search results.

For example, Surfer SEO recommends the user add more keyword-rich content to their title tag or use more images and videos to break up their text.

These changes improve the overall quality and SEO value of their content, which can increase organic traffic.

Key Features

SurferSEO offers the following key features:

➡ Content Editor feature of SurferSEO helps users to write articles that read well and rank high.

➡ Surfer SEO’s keyword research feature provides relevant topics in a cluster-based manner, offering marketers valuable insights and content ideas.

➡ With the Surfer AI marketing tool, you can effortlessly conduct research, generate content, and optimize it with just a button click.

➡ Surfer’s AI marketing tool Growth Management Platform, Grow Flow.

➡ Surfer’s add-on feature SEO Audit helps users find missed SEO opportunities in the written content.


  • Surfer-optimized content ranks fast.
  • Intuitive UI of content editor with all kinds of best features and customization options.
  • SurferSEO can be integrated with WordPress and Google Docs.
  • Helps in clustering topics
  • Excellent Support.


  • A bit costly if you have a small business website with little income.

7. MarketMuse



MarketMuse is a content marketing tool. It uses artificial intelligence to the help businesses create high-quality, optimized website content.

It offers a range of the features, including content planning, optimization, and analytics. These features help companies to improve their content marketing strategy and drive more website traffic.

Key Features

MarketMuse offers the following key features:

➡ Content planning tools to identify content marketing strategy gaps and suggest new writing topics.

➡ Content optimization tools to analyze existing content and provide suggestions for improving its relevance, readability, and SEO value.

➡ Real-time content analysis to provide suggestions for improving content as it is being written.

➡ Integration with popular CMS platforms, such as WordPress and Drupal.

➡ Comprehensive analytics to provide insights into content performance and suggestions for improving it.

➡ Supports multiple languages.


  • Offers a comprehensive suite of the tools to improve content strategy.
  • Its AI algorithms save time and effort by automatically identifying content gaps and suggesting improvements.
  • Integrates with popular CMS platforms.


  • MarketMuse is somewhat complex for businesses requiring only basic content strategy functionality.

8. SEMRush


Semrush has an AI-based SEO Writing Assistant (SWA). It offers users several tools using artificial intelligence to help market and optimize content.

It helps content marketers write content based on targeted keywords in an optimized manner for search engines.

Key Features

Semrush offers the following key features:

➡ Semrush has an expander feature that allows users to input a 5 to 50-word sentence and expand it.

➡ Its paraphrasing features allows users to paraphrase sentences whenever they want.

➡ Users also can summarize the content with its AI summarizing tool.

➡ It has a recommendation option to improve your content quality.


  • integrates with Google Docs, MS Word, and WordPress.
  • Allows users to check readability, Originality, and Tone of voice.
  • Recommend keywords to use in content according to Google search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • It has a default plagiarism checker.


  • Doesn’t provide any outline builder.
  • Doesn’t support import option via URL.

9. Zapier


Zapier is a powerful AI-based automation tool. It allows you to streamline your workflows and connect different web applications seamlessly.

It automates repetitive tasks and integrates various web applications without code or technical expertise.

Key Features

Zapier offers the following key features:

➡ Multi-step zap allows users to add many triggers and actions in one single zap.

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➡ Search action allows users to search specific data in the system where Zapier is integrated.

➡ Zapier filter allows zaps to run only when certain conditions are met.

➡ Forematters to convert data before putting it into the integrated application.


  • Zapier has a very simple and flexible dashboard.
  • Doesn’t require any code to integrate.
  • Advanced features make the journey easier.
  • Multi-step automation makes the most complex workflow easier.


  • Limited control in data-driven transfer.
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10. Unbounce


Unbounce is one of the best marketing channels that allows users to the create custom landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars. Using Unbounce, any skill leveled users can create effective marketing pages.

It offers easy-to-use builders, personalized recommendations, and AI copywriting tools. The platform also includes an intelligent traffic feature that routes visitors to the best landing page for their needs, resulting in up to 30% more conversions.

Key Features

Unbounce offers the following key features:

➡ Easy-to-use builders for landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars.

➡ Personalized recommendations to optimize every step

➡ AI copywriting tools for instant content generation

➡ Smart traffic feature that routes visitors to the best landing page for their needs

➡ Hundreds of industry-optimized templates


  • User-friendly interface for easy landing page creation.
  • Personalized recommendations for optimization.
  • AI copywriting tools for quick content generation.
  • Smart traffic feature to increase conversions.
  • Industry-specific templates for quick setup.


  • Limited third-party integrations compared to other platforms.

What to Consider Before Choosing an AI Marketing Tool?

Investing in marketing for your business is a must. But this doesn’t mean purchasing tools mindlessly.

So, that’s why before investing in an AI-powered marketing tool, consider aligning tool features with your business needs.

Here are some core considerations for choosing the best AI-powered marketing tool in detail,

1. Intuitive User Experience (UX)

Your marketing teams will use the tool you purchase for your business rather than your dev or IT team.

So, ensure the tool you purchase has a very simple UX that marketing teams can adapt easily.

2. Easy Automation

From an AI-powered marketing tool, you can expect to offload your workload and automate regular, repetitive tasks easily.

Do not choose a tool that requires an equal workload to insert data into the tool to automate tasks. Notably, consider a tool that automates tasks with a single click.

3. Plenty of Integrations

Completing all tasks in one place is far more seamless than moving here and there to make one single task done.

Before purchasing your AI-powered marketing tool, consider the tool is allowing you to integrate with plenty of other apps or software you already rely on.

4. No Overlap

Ensure that the tools you choose have distinct features and functionalities, separate from one another. This will prevent unnecessary expenses and maintain a streamlined approach to maximize your marketing endeavors.

These were the primary considerations for now in purchasing an AI-powered marketing tool. Hope this will help you.

What are the Benefits of the Using AI-Powered Marketing Tools?

There are numerous benefits of using a marketing tool powered by artificial intelligence. From generating leads to marketing tasks, Artificially intelligent marketing tools work seamlessly.

Let’s have a look at some core benefits of using such tools,

1. Saves Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools save a lot of time for marketers. AI-based marketing tools efficiently create content, strengthen brand messaging, and develop digital marketing campaigns.

It saves time and increases efficiency in the marketing team.

2. Error Reduction

How much can you guarantee that your manually collected data are correctly spelled or keystroked?

It might be challenging for you to ensure, but AI marketing tools can. The baked-in security feature of AI protects data from interception and reduces errors.

3. Greater Personalization

Many marketers think artificially intelligent marketing tools might deliver all robotic and stereotypical results.

But no. Almost all AI-based marketing tools provide personalized results according to the input data and the specific parameters the user sets.

4. Improved Decision-Making

While running a campaign, AI marketing tools act on real-time data as it keeps analyzing customer data. As a result, it provides all updated results.

So, according to its real-time acting, it helps marketers to make better decisions in the fastest possible way.

5. Increased Marketing Campaigns ROI

AI marketing tools empower teams to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) for every customer interaction.

Personalized content, optimized message timing, and measured effectiveness of their engagements are the key factors AI facilitates that contribute to this enhanced ROI.

It offers you this bunch of benefits, then what makes you delay adopting such AI marketing tools?

FAQ on Best AI Tools for Marketing, Answered

1. What Is an AI-powered Marketing Tool?

AI marketing tools are a kind of software or a platform that automates all kinds of marketing tasks, from market research to post-campaign analysis and evaluation.

2. Are AI Marketing Tools Suitable for SEO?

Yes, AI marketing tools are suitable for SEO.

AI-powered marketing tools can provide valuable insights and automation to help optimize various aspects of SEO (Search engine optimization).

3. What Are The Best Free AI Marketing Tools?

Here are some of the best AI marketing tools that offer free service for a limited period or with limited features,

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Semrush
  3. CopyAI

4. How Can AI Be Used in Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence can be used in Marketing software in various ways. Here are some of them,

  1. Social media listening
  2. Content generation
  3. Automation
  4. Audience segmentation and personalization
  5. Data analysis for customer behavior.

Boost Your Marketing Effort With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the rapidly changing the marketing world, and businesses that don’t embrace it are seriously disadvantaged.

AI enables task automation, personalized marketing, and precise audience targeting through AI marketing tools.

In this blog post, we’ve covered some of the best AI tools for marketing. These tools can help you with everything from content creation to lead generation to email marketing campaign optimization.

If you’re looking to boost your marketing efforts, AI is a powerful tool that you must pay attention to.

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