All Watchtower Locations In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

All Watchtower Locations In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet will be described in this article. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a helpful feature called watchtowers. They are a handy place to start while visiting Tera Raids and breakouts, in addition to having Gimmighoul coins and TMs. Here is all the information you need to know about every watchtower location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as you’re probably wondering if you’ve visited them all.

All Watchtower Locations In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In this article, you can know about All Watchtower Locations In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet here are the details below;

Every Watchtower From Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Paldea region has thirteen watchtowers, distributed fairly equally. You shouldn’t have any major issues finding them, but some of them are much easier to find than others. The locations of each watchtower in the game are as follows:

North Province(Area One)

North Province

To reach this watchtower, you must ascend some rocky terrain, and it is located north of the North Province (Area Two) Pokemon Center. Before coming here, you should defeat every Titan Pokemon since swimming and gliding are useful ways to get to the tower.

East Province(Area One)

East Province

The quickest route to this watchtower is to take off for the Pokemon Center in East Province (Area One) and race up the hill. To combat or capture the Gimmighoul and obtain the Pokeball atop the chest, don’t forget to ascend to the top of the tower. Glide into the East Paldean Sea from this tower and explore the island off the coast of Levincia.

East Province (Area Three)

East Province

The path that leads north out of Levincia takes a U-Turn and winds past the tower to reach this one. You’ve gone too far if you reach the mobile Pokemon Center; if you’ve previously been to the mobile Pokemon Center, the East Province (Area Three) Watchtower is just a quick trip away.

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West Province (Area One)

West Province

If you can, use your map to fly to the Pokemon Center located in the West Province (Area One), from there you can ascend to the tower. If not, you can cruise past the Team Star Base and exit Cascarrafa through the West Pokemon Center, then climb and jump your way up to this West Province watchtower.

Asado Desert Watchtower

Asado Desert Watchtower

You can either take the trail that descends from Porto Marinada or depart from Cascarrafa and turn left at the north Pokemon Center to reach this watchtower, which is situated in the middle of the Asado Desert. This tower is unusual since it’s tipped to one side and partially submerged in sand, making it difficult to view. Although there isn’t a staircase to climb, you can jump to the tower’s upper deck.

Casseroya Watchtower #1

Casseroya Watchtower

All you have to do to get to this tower from the West Medali Pokemon Center is follow the path and run; it’s an enjoyable trip. Simply go around the outside till you reach the tower if you have already visited Colonnade Hollow. The TMs for Hurricane and U-Turn are located at this tower, and it is worthwhile to obtain them.

Casseroya Watchtower #2

Casseroya Watchtower

Once you locate Casseroya Watchtower #1, simply continue east along the lake’s shore to watchtower #2. You won’t get lost because you can see the second watchtower from the first one. Explore the area around the lake and ascend each watchtower to collect all of the TMs.

Casseroya Watchtower #3

Casseroya Watchtower

It’s a quick journey to the last Casseroya Lake watchtower once you’ve visited the Glaseado Mountain Pokemon Center. Alternatively, from watchtower #2, you may cross the lake and still see watchtower #3. One of Paldea’s 10 sites, Casseroya Falls, is accessible via the neighboring short bridges.

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Glaseado mountain Watchtower

Glaseado Mountain Watchtower

Finding this tower is easiest if you glide down from the area above Glaseado Gym. Simply begin walking down the mountain road, and you’ll soon notice the tower below, which you can glide all the way to the top of. Since the Gimmighoul atop this tower is level 35, taking the coins and killing it is simple. Also check free Android games

South Province (Area Three)

South Province

The best way to locate this watchtower is to take a flight to the Pokemon Center Artazon West and follow the trail until you see the tower. Alternatively, you can walk south from the Area Five tower. There is a TM for Low Kick nearby, at the base of a depression, so look for it.

South Province (Area Four)

South Province

The best way to get to this watchtower in the South Province is to go via the olive grove outside Cortondo, then drop into the river and hop out. After that, you can hop and climb to the top of the tower, where you can fight a level 15 Chest Form Gimmighoul. With no Pokemon Centers or cities located south of it, the South Province (Area Four) Watchtower provides you with a suitable starting place anytime you need to find something in this area.

South Province (Area Five)

South Province

Simply fly to the South Province (Area Three) tower where this watchtower is located and navigate the difficult ground. If not, you can bridge the Artazon Pool, go down a short trail to the Area Five tower, and then cross again to reach the Area Three tower. Since this tower is close to a plateau, it’s simple to cross it to investigate the ruins and look into the Tera Raid. Also check Pokémon Go Spoofer

That is all the information we currently have regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s watchtower locations. See some of our other Scarlet and Violet Pokemon material, such as the top 10 Pokemon, where to get Air Slash, and how to obtain Sparkling Meal Power.

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