How To Convert WEBP Images To JPG In 2023

How To Convert WEBP Images To JPG will be described in this article. Well, the WEBP format offers substantially reduced file sizes while delivering visually similar images to those encoded using conventional standards like JPEG and PNG. Because they expedite the loading of web pages, they are mostly present in desktop browsers.

How To Convert WEBP Images To JPG In 2023

In this article, you can know about How To Convert WEBP Images To JPG here are the details below;

The WEBP format isn’t the most compatible, despite the fact that support for it has increased since Google unveiled it in 2010 (particularly with older image editing software). Consequently, a number of techniques for converting WEBP photos to the widely used JPG and PNG formats are offered below. Additionally, you will learn how to save animated WEBP images as GIF files.

Convert WEBP Images using Browser Extensions

Basically, you may use a browser extension to download a WEBP image to your PC or Mac in JPG or PNG format if you come across one when surfing websites in the desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox.

You may find a lot of extensions that can convert WEBP images by just searching for “WEBP” in Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-ons Store. However, we’ve selected a few extensions that you can use immediately:

  • Firefox:-Save webP as a JPG or PNG
  • Chrome: Save picture as Type

Advice: Web browsers that run on the Chromium platform, such Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi, can also be updated with extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Google Chrome

  1. Install the Save image as a Type extension after downloading it.
  2. Open a web page in any tab of your browser, then right-click on the picture you wish to save.
  3. Click Save as Type and choose between Saving as PNG and Saving as JPG. Next, choose Save after giving the internal storage place a name.

Point to Save image as Type and select Save as JPG

By choosing the Save as WEBP option, you can also save any JPG or PNG image in WEBP format.

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Mozilla Firefox

  1. Install the Save webP as PNG or JPEG extension after downloading it.
  2. Open a webpage in any tab of your browser, then right-click on the picture you wish to save.
  3. Click Save webP as and select the file format (JPG or PNG). More precisely, the addon provides multiple JPG format conversion choices at different quality thresholds. If you don’t want to sacrifice visual quality, go with JPG (100).

Select Save webP as and choose between JPG and PNG

Alternatively, you can select GIF (V), which will direct the animated WEBP image’s URL to for conversion and download in GIF format. Continue reading for more details on online file converters.

Convert WEBP images using paint or preview

If a WEBP picture has already been downloaded, just drag it back into the browser window and use the previously mentioned extensions to save it in the JPG or PNG formats.

A WEBP image can easily be converted to JPG or PNG by utilizing the built-in Paint (Windows) or Preview (Mac) applications. Animated WEBP photos are not supported by either application, but you can save them in GIF format.


  1. To open the WEBP image, right-click it and choose Open with > Paint.
  2. Select Save as from Paint’s File menu after opening it. Next, choose a JPEG or PNG image.
  3. Choose a location and click Save.

Specify a location and select Save

Note: Download and install the Webp Image Extension from the Microsoft Store and try again if Paint isn’t opening the WEBP image.


  1. To open the WEBP image in Preview, double-click on it.
  2. Choose Export from the Edit menu.
  3. From the Format menu, choose between JPEG and PNG. Use the Quality slider to change the degree of compression applied during the conversion if you choose JPEG. Next, select Save.

Select JPEG or PNG from the Format menu

Not to mention, Preview has the ability to batch convert WEBP photos to JPG and PNG formats. It’s more convenient to use a specialized third-party app (see the following section).

Batch Convert WEBP Images using third-party apps

The most effective method for converting several WEBP photos in bulk to JPG or PNG formats is to obtain and set up a free image conversion tool. These three desktop computer tools can be used.

XnConvert (Windows and MacOS)

XnConvert can batch convert photos (including WEBP) between common image formats and is compatible with Windows and macOS. In order to further customize the conversion process, it also provides an abundance of output options.

  1. Install XnConvert after downloading it.
  2. Select the WEBP photos you wish to convert by opening XnConvert.
  3. Select your preferred image export settings (remove originals, maintain color profiles, delete metadata, etc.) by switching to the export tab. Next, choose Convert.
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Switch to the Output tab to specify your image

WebpConverter (MacOS)

To batch convert WEBP photos to JPG or PNG format on a Mac, use the Mac App Store to download & install the WebpConverter application.

  1. Download WEBPConverter, then install it.
  2. To queue up files for conversion, use WebpConverter’s Add Files button.
  3. To choose the output format, such as Webp to JPG, use the option on the bottom-left of the screen. Next, choose Convert.

 Use the menu to the bottom-left of the screen to determine the output format

IrfanView (Windows)

IrfanView is a fast, lightweight graphics viewer that lets you convert images in batches. Furthermore, if the IrfanView All Plugins Pack is additionally installed, it supports the WEBP format.

  1. Install the IrfanView All Plugins bundle and IrfanView.
  2. Get IrfanView open. Next, choose Batch Conversion/Rename from the File menu.
  3. Next, choose Add All after selecting the WEBP photos you wish to convert. Choose an output format after that, then click Start Batch.

Select the WEBP images you want to convert and select Add All

Convert Animated WEBP Image To GIF

While there are a few methods for converting animated WEBP photos to GIF format, using an online conversion tool is the easiest. Although there are many services accessible for this purpose, the following are some of the best ones:

  • GZIF
  • CloudTransform
  • MazZar

You can upload one or more animated WEBP photos for conversion on most websites. Next, choose GIF as the output format, start the conversion, and save the files that have been converted to local storage.

Most websites let you upload one or more animated WEBP images for conversion

The URLs of any WEBP image can also be provided for conversion. This enables a direct download of them in GIF format.

Begin by converting your WEBP images:

You should have been able to convert WEBP photos to JPG, GIF, or PNG format with the help of the previous recommendations. On the other hand, you can quickly locate image conversion programs on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to save WEBP images to a different compatible format if you come across them on your Android or iPhone. As an alternative, you might utilize any of the previously mentioned file conversion websites.

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